Written by Hannah Muehl

Edited by Alexandra Ruiz

When you walk into the grocery store, the greens that pop up immediately at the entrance can seem intimidating. From Kale, to Dandelion, and Collards, it can seem overwhelming and scary to bring them back into your own kitchen. Here are some simple and easy ways to include some of these greens into your lifestyle and more importantly, your kid’s diet! All dark leafy greens will add more fiber and antioxidants to your lifestyle, and getting the recommended amount can be tricky sometimes without a little bit of work, but here are some of the easier ways to achieve your goal for a healthy diet.

Some Ideas for your Kid’s Diet:Scrambled-eggs-veggie-300x286 Sneaking Greens in to Your Kid's Diet

1) Set a good start to your day by adding them at breakfast. Stir in spinach to scrambled eggs in the morning, or blend kale into a smoothie. This will set a healthy tone to the whole day.

2) Find your favorite salad combination. Everyone out there loves some type of salad, whether it is because of the yummy toppings or how fresh and crisp the veggies are. Find your favorite flavors, and make them a meal staple. One large salad a day keeps the doctor and the weight away! Get creative with fruit, herbs, nuts, and homemade whole-wheat croutons!

3) Add them to soup and chili. Greens will cook down and not change the flavor of the dish significantly. In cold weather, this is a perfect idea as green smoothies and salads seem less appealing.

4) Make a half pasta/half greens mixture. When your whole wheat pasta is ready to be strained, add kale and spinach to the bottom of a colander. Pour the pasta and hot water out in to the colander. You will be left with a steamed green along with your pasta, which will add nutritious value to your meal. Add your favorite sauce, and enjoy the big portion of food you get to eat thanks to the veggies!

5) Swap your chips for some kale chips. Simply preheat your oven to 375 degrees, and begin to cut down your kale by making chip sized pieces of the green. Drizzle them with olive oil and lightly sprinkle on some sea salt. Put them in the oven for 8 minutes or until crispy. You can eat as much as you want, and you won’t feel guilty!

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