Written by Ilana Muhlstein, Former Camper/Counselor of Camp Shane

Cereal is a food loved by many, however it is not usually viewed as a “real meal.” Using these tips, you can make cereal a more complete, nutritional meal!

Pump Up the Volume and Optimize the Serving Size

People usually eat way too many calories from cereal because of their super sized cereal bowls and very dense cereal choices! Look at the serving size on cereal labels and only choose cereals that have at least a 1 cup serving size. Many granola-like cereals have an unrealistic ¼ cup serving size and have just as many calories as 1 cup of a puffed option.

My Favorites: 

healthy-meals-cereal-300x119 How to Turn Cereal into a Nutritional Meal

Best Tip: Pour your measured 1 cup of cereal in to a large mug instead of a large bowl, which makes the portion look a lot bigger and more satisfying!

 Have a Stopping Point

It is very hard to stop at just one bowl! When there’s no more milk in the bowl, people tend to start pouring in more milk. And when there’s no more cereal in the bowl, they start pouring in more cereal! This causes an endless cycle of pouring and eating, pouring and eating.

Best Tip: Put away the cereal and milk right after you pour your first bowl, before you sit down to eat it.

Amp up the Protein

Many cereals are high in carbs, and milk and milk substitutes aren’t high enough in protein to balance them out and keep you full through the morning! For the same cup as skim, soy or almond milk, cottage cheese and Greek yogurt have over 3x the protein!

Best Tip: Flip around your cereal! Turn your cereal into a Greek Yogurt or Cottage Cheese topper rather than looking at it as a base for milk! The cereal stays crunchier this way too!

 Best All Around Cereal Breakfast:

  • Fill a bowl with up to 1/2- 1 cup plain unsweetened Greek yogurt
  • Top the yogurt with 1/2- 1 cup of a high fiber cereal
  • Sprinkle some beautiful berries on top for more fiber and nutrition

Add a teaspoon or two of flax or chia seeds for some extra crunch and healthy fats!

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