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Camp Shane

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Camp Shane Yelp Reviews 1

Steve M.
Los Angeles, CA

Camp Shane Yelp Reviews 1

I feel very fortunate to have been a part of the Camp Shane family. I think it’s best to address something upfront, yes kids will probably be unhappy about the food. The kids were put on a strict calorie limiting diet, that’s how weight loss works (calories out great than calories in). Many of the kids had never eaten vegetables before, so their bodies had to adjust to a different kind of food. I was actually quite surprised by what the kids did receive, they got a plethora of awesome meal options that almost always came with an amazing desert (the organic vegetable brownies were dope). I can guarantee you that nobody starved. My only complaint would be that I don’t believe the kids necessarily received enough electrolytes, so there were some cramping issues as their bodies were flushed of excessive amounts of sodium. It was very interesting to me to watch the kids as the weeks progressed. Counselors were always willing to push kids to get the best out of them, but the kids did not always see the correlation between them being pushed during the week. I would hear phone calls were kids would complain about counselors in one breath and then celebrate the 13 pounds that they lost without realizing the relationship. I would also like to address the other comments on the page that are less than pleasant regarding their experience. Some kids are sent to camp against their will and they are determined to dislike the camp before they even arrive. Some of these kids realize how great it is and change their mindsets. Other kids who are dead set on hating their experience, well I don’t need to tell you about their sentiments.

Is Camp Shane a Utopian society where there are no issues and everyone has the time of their life? No, but it has so many positive aspects that it’s hard to shoot it down. Developing a healthy lifestyle is critical to living a great life and that can be hard when kids have missed that opportunity early on. Shane is here to help kids catch up and begin living a healthy lifestyle and this means so much more than eating and exercising. Kids at Shane learn more about themselves and interpersonal relationships than they do about anything else. If a kid is self-conscious about their weight, Shane represents six weeks out of the year that they can put those self-conscious tendencies to rest. Everyone at Shane is there for the same reason, the camaraderie is tangible, it’s in the air.

Shane is here to help, they help in so many ways that can’t be put into a brochure. The campers will develop relationships that will last a lifetime. It’s easy to complain, but perhaps that’s because the kids just haven’t learned how to properly reflect and articulate their feelings. I’m so proud to watch kids who have changed not only their body composition, but their minds and their lifestyle. Camp Shane is a home run! Kids will lose weight, gain confidence, and be on their way to a healthy lifestyle.

Camp Shane Yelp Reviews 1

Ethan W.
Stanmore, United Kingdom

Camp Shane Yelp Reviews 1

I had the most amazing summer at Camp Shane!! The program and counsellors are fantastic, one of the best summers of my life. As well as that the camp does exactly what it says it does, each camper loosing loads of weight, I can’t wait to come back as a counsellor this summer to give back to the camp that gave so much to me.

Camp Shane Yelp Reviews 1

Lauren R.
East Brunswick, NJ

Camp Shane Yelp Reviews 1

Camp Shane will always be my second home. I went here for 2 years as a camper and those were the best summers I’ve had. Last year I came back as a counselor and I wanted to pay it forward and share my experience with campers. I’m coming back again this summer because it’s a great place and there’s no other place then Camp Shane.

Camp Shane Yelp Reviews 1

Nelson J.
Montgomery, AL

Camp Shane Yelp Reviews 1

I first came to camp Shane as an unhappy, over weight 12 year in the summer of 2003. I had the worst school year of my life, I came home crying everyday after being bullied for my size, and my mother tried all she could to help me. Ill never forget the day that changed my life. She asked me one afternoon, “your crying breaks my heart, how can I make you happy again.” I stopped crying to say, “mom I just wanna be skinny so the kids will stop teasing me and I can make friends.”

My mother found an advertisement for Camp Shane in the back of one of her nursing magazines and called camp that day. She spoke with David, the owner, and made a deal that I could come for 3 weeks and she’ll be the camp nurse for that time. It was the best 3 weeks ever! Yes, I truly mean that. There were ups and downs but I made friends that I still talk to today! I lost 20 pounds and even more when I got home. I finally was the fast kid on thw soccer team! I was beyond happy!

I returned to camp in 2007 and 2008 and again had amazing summers. In 2011 I started working at camp Shane, and I’ve been back every summer since. I’ve gotten to give back to the place that made me happy, the place I call home. I’ve been able to help kids over come their fears, and help them lose weight, like my counselors did with me. I love camp Shane, and if you want your child to have the time of their life, make friends that will last a life time, and memories that will last forever, then I suggest you enroll them in camp ASAP. I promise, you won’t regret it!

Camp Shane Yelp Reviews 1

Tracey C.
Canton, CT

Camp Shane Yelp Reviews 1

My son went to Camp Shane last summer and loved it. He lost 10 pounds and four inches off his waist. He worked hard and was able to accomplish what he went to camp to do. He said ” I was completely amazed that there were kids that didn’t like the camp but then I realized it was just because they weren’t working hard nor did they expect to. The bottom line is, you get out what you put in. You will have to work really hard but it will all pay off when you look down at the scale and see how much weight you lost”

He went for 3 weeks and would have stayed longer but was too homesick. It was his first time being away from his father and I so three weeks was hard for him. When I went to pick him up at camp all the counselors were sad to see him go. One counselor walked us to our car because he wanted to say good bye and spend that little bit of ,extra time with my son. The counselors were great and very encouraging.

Once home he continued to lose weight and felt better about himself. He was more active and said “I am so glad I went to camp. Had I not I would have been a couch potato all summer” Camp Shane prepared him well for hockey season. He has more endurance and is an all around better player than last winter.

Thanks Camp Shane!

Camp Shane Yelp Reviews 1

Andra C.
Snohomish, WA

Camp Shane Yelp Reviews 1

I wanted to take this opportunity to describe the extraordinary experience my son had at camp last summer. It was his first experience at Camp Shane which is difficult to describe in a short paragraph; a book would be more adequate to say the least. It was one of the most incredible experiences that my son has had during a summer break. Being that he is physically built like an 8 or 9 year old and is very active and loves sports and people, he fit right in.

The staff were so warm and inviting and encouraged him to attend the fitness classes and sport activities. He especially enjoyed the evening activities which allowed all campers to come together and participate in exciting games and events where staff were able to act silly and be a kid again along with the campers. It afforded him the opportunity to learn more about camp life, fitness, the importance of proper nutrition as well becoming familiar with the behind the scenes work that takes place to ensure camp runs smoothly and meets the camper’s needs and expectations. He loved to help staff and keep the campers giggling.

It was an incredible feeling as a parent to witness his growth and development over the course of the 7 weeks we were there. I too shared the same sentiment as my son when camp concluded, “that it went by too fast and we wished it had not ended as of yet.” I truly enjoyed having the opportunity to meet the campers and parents, all of whom were a pleasure. Being able to witness a special moment in a child’s life of them persevering and physically pushing their bodies beyond their wildest expectations was immeasurable.

The camper’s confidence and self-image improved dramatically, their awareness and yearning to be educated in nutrition and healthy eating habits was consistent and the most rewarding of all, their exuberance and pride exhibited during the final weigh-ins when informed of their weight loss was unexplainable. The experience was truly invaluable and cannot wait to do it again this summer.

Andra Carter
Camp Shane TX

Camp Shane Yelp Reviews 1

Anat N.
Livingston, NJ

Camp Shane Yelp Reviews 1

My daughter’s experience this last summer at camp Shane NY exceeded our expectations. Her goal was to lose weight but camp Shane was much more than that. Besides losing 17 pounds she learned how to live healthy life. Camp Shane also helped my daughter boost her self-esteem. She felt very comfortable being around campers that share the same goals and going through the same challenges.

Through Nutrition classes, CBT and fitness classes she learned how to apply Healthy life style which continues back home. The relationship she has established with her general and fitness/sports instructors are strong and still continue to grow since the summer. They all supported her and helped her to accomplish her goal during the summer. She made a lot of new friends that she still keeps in touch and can’t wait to spend another summer with them.

The food at camp was delicious and our family uses the camp Shane cook book receipts at home. The brownie cake is enormous success and is just one example of the healthy tasty desert that is being served at camp Shane.

Camp Shane changed my daughter’s life and she is looking forward to have another successful and fun summer.
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Camp Shane Yelp Reviews 1

Tina A.
Johnstown, PA

Camp Shane Yelp Reviews 1

My son has attended Camp Shane for the past 5 summers and loves every second of it. From the first day he was there at 12 years old, he felt like he was “home.” The staff completely immersed themselves with the campers, doing all the activities with the campers, spending quality time with them and helping them get through big and small problems. From homesickness to aching muscles, the counselors are mentors to the campers, and the experience is like none other my son has had. Not only are lifestyle changes made as far as healthy eating habits and exercise, but lifelong friendships are formed, and the camaraderie of the campers, both male and female, is priceless. These kids share a struggle that only the other campers can relate to, and the bonds they form while striving everyday to meet goals and improve their lives is something that stays with them long after camp is over. The camp itself isn’t high-tech or fancy….it’s a summer camp with cabins and open fields and a fire ring, as a summer camp should be. There are covered areas for the exercise classes, a nice gym/weight room with all the modern equipment, a beautiful, huge outdoor pool, go-karts, a dance studio, basketball & tennis courts….what more can a kid ask for? The campers there lose weight and inches, but they gain so much more….self confidence, pride in themselves, and a positive attitude. Camp Shane changed my son’s life, and he can’t wait to someday work there as a counselor so he can help another kid the way everyone at Camp Shane helped him.

Camp Shane Yelp Reviews 1

Kate T.
Ann Arbor, MI

Camp Shane Yelp Reviews 1

As many people say, Camp Shane is more than a place- it’s a feeling. My time at Shane was not only enlightening, but also changed me for the better. I grew as a person, leaving with a better attitude and a healthier lifestyle. Since leaving Camp Shane, I’ve not only become more aware of leading a healthy lifestyle, but I’ve also embraced the concept and importance of community. The staff was dedicated, the campers were encouraging, and the facilities gave me the traditional experience of a fun summer camp! Beyond the food being awesome and healthy, I left with knowledge of delicious recipes (aka Black Bean Brownies) and exercises that I came to love. Now, I regularly participate in Zumba and Spin classes home. If you’re looking for a really fun environment where you can lose some weight all while gaining friends, knowledge, and a wonderful sense of community, spend a few weeks at Shane. You won’t regret it!


Maddy S.
Northfield, NJ


I am a Camp Shane alumni and I want to share my experience. Camp Shane has been around for over 45 years, I always said that if any of my children struggled with weight issues, Shane is the only camp I would want them to attend. Although I was a camper at Shane many years ago (late 80s), it has continued to provide many kids wonderful experiences as they struggle with weight loss.

After my son spent last summer at camp Shane in New York, I can honestly say that the program they offer, has gotten better and stronger. My son Jason is 13 and struggles with his weight. Specifically the psychological component. The experience he had will forever change his life. The staff went above and beyond to make sure he acclimated well since this was his first time away from home. As a mother, I can’t tell you how reassuring it was to know he always felt safe and secure. Since the CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) program was added, many children of all ages, my son included have benefited from small group therapy while at camp. It focuses on building self esteem, which for so many is a key factor in success.

When Jason came home from camp last summer, he was a different kid. Not just psychically, but mentally too! This school year has been so much more of a success because of the positive changes in his attitude and outlook. Camp Shane has provided the tools to help him achieve whatever goals he sets for himself. Jason is probably one of the pickiest eaters out there, no joke. Not only did he learn to try and eat foods that he has always refused, he still continues to eat the healthier choice when given. The nutrition and cooking classes, in addition to the exercise/sports classes and activities were top notch. He had the time of his life, made lifelong friends, and learned a healthier lifestyle at the same time. No camp is perfect, but David Ettenberg has taken Camp Shane to the next level, way beyond any other weight loss camp in the country. It’s amazing to think that this time last year my husband and I could not convince Jason to even watch the DVD, and now for the past three weeks he has been begging to go back to camp. Just Amazing!