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Weight Loss Camps for Teens Arizona

If you’re looking for fat camps, Arizona based Camp Shane doesn’t exactly fit the bill: were about fun, rather than flab. And we count smiles over calories. This is because we’re not just another weight loss camp for teens. Arizona offers the prime location for us to take exercise to the next level. From forest hikes to desert runs, we use the state to our advantage, encouraging you to do everything but hurdle cacti. We inspire you to enjoy fitness and recognize that health comes in all flavors: sometimes it’s running in a gym and sometimes it’s hiking at sunrise.

Weight loss camps for teens Arizona kids in the pool

There’s a lot of weight loss camps for kids. Arizona offers many to choose from. But our camp doesn’t strive to be your run-of-the-mill fat camp. Our focus isn’t on how many laps you run or pushups you manage. Rather, we aim to inspire you to adopt a healthy lifestyle by learning that exercise is fun (seriously!). And we’re not a diet camp – Arizona based Camp Shane isn’t about lettuce and kale for every meal. Through nutritious and delicious food, we aim to show you that eating well is good for you and your taste buds too!