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Summer Weight Loss Camp in Arizona

If you’re hoping to lose weight, camp Arizona style with us. Here, we’re more than just a summer weight loss camp . Arizona based Camp Shane is all about enjoying, learning, and embracing a new way of looking at yourself and the world around you. We help you adopt a healthier lifestyle through fun-filled fitness; it’s not an oxymoron! We’re about cannon balls over barbells, enduring smiles over endurance runs, jumping rope over jumping jacks. We aim to show you that exercise is exciting; after all, we wouldn’t keep doing it if it wasn’t.

Lose weight camps Sports For Kids

If you’re looking to lose weight, camp Arizona with us. From the desert to the forest, the natural beauty of the state offers you the prime opportunity to find your best self. And, of course, we help too. With specially designed activities, we assure your enjoyment at our kids weight loss camp. Arizona based Camp Shane isn’t a boot camp; instead, we’re a “hoot camp” where you can hoot and holler, box and bike, go for a hike or go for a swim. We’re not just about cauliflower, but arts and crafts. We’re not just about broccoli, but bows and arrows. We’re not just about weight loss, but old-fashioned summer fun.