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We’ve been scrutinized by the toughest critics in the world. You’ll really like what they have to say, because

“The Media Loves Camp Shane”

fat loss campMADE:

In order to jumpstart Richie’s transformation, the MTV team sends him to a weight-loss camp for teens called Camp Shane. At Camp Shane, Richie makes a connection with another camper named Chrissy, where he experiences his first relationship, first kiss, and first break-up.  Richie also loses eight pounds while at camp.

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fast weight loss Dr. Phil


Dr. Phil featured a show on childhood obesity. The show talks about one boys struggle with his weight. Dr. Phil felt compelled to help, so he called in the experts at “Camp Shane.”
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true weight loss on MTV


MTV’s “True Life” filmed several teens at their homes and at Camp Shane. The film shows how difficult life is for these kids and how coming to Camp Shane really helped change their lives.

how to lose weight when you grow up fat

ABC’s “20/20”

20/20 had a feature story filmed at Camp Shane called “Growing Up Fat”.

John Stossel said “Life at school is often lousy…here is an oasis.”

successful weight loss programs


Barbara Walters called this “an inspirational story”.

losing weight 101

A&E- Investigative Reports

“The Supersize Generation: Kids and Obesity”.
Newsweek filmed several children and teens at their homes and schools. The film shows how difficult life is for overweight kids-and how coming to Camp Shane really helped them.

healthy weight loss on TimeTIME Magazine

“Staying Healthy -Too heavy, too young.” The story features photos of Camp Shane’s weight loss campers in action-stretching, exercising, getting measured and relaxing by the pool.

NYT encourages natural fat lossNew York Times Magazine

Photos and interviews of three Camp Shane campers appeared in the “What they were thinking” feature.

NYT weight managementSally

Sally hears from lots of kids who are suffering because of their weight. But when she received a letter from a kid asking if she could help her go to Camp Shane- Sally called us!

weight loss for teens on BBC

BBC – British Broadcasting Corporation

A team of filmmakers lived at Camp Shane for several weeks. The documentary was shown throughout Europe and illustrates how successful our weight loss program can be.

Teen weight loss on Discovery channel

DSC-The Learning Channel – “Modern Medical Mysteries”.

Discovery highlights how dangerous health problems are for overweight people. The program shows how Camp Shane helps with weight loss, nutrition education and building self-esteem. As they put it, “The message is clear-we care about you.”

diet plan to lose weight

Sundance Channel

Sundance Channels featured film “Taking off,” is a documentary examining the intimate emotions and difficulties overweight girls share.The film shows how important the support network developed from friendships made at Camp Shane becomes in their life at home.

international weight loss regimenJAPANESE, SWEDISH, DUTCH, AUSTRALIAN, and ENGLISH TV

We not only have campers from across the globe, we are often featured by International media.