The holiday season always seems to be the best excuse to stay in cozy clothes, sit by the fire and indulge in our favorite sweets and treats. Weight loss camps like Camp Shane provide tons of tips, whether it be our blogs, newsletters or social media posts in order to avoid those extra pounds throughout the holidays. It’s important to remember that you can still enjoy yourself while maintaining weight loss.


Try to avoid overeating baked goods.  When friends and family pass the sweets around, take one and keep passing them down the line.  If you enjoy baking don’t let the fear of gaining weight stop you.  Instead bring your tasty treats in to school or work to share with friends.  This will make you feel good and at the same time help your waist line.  Look for healthier recipes that cut down fat and sugar.  If you bring your baked goods in to share, consider providing copies of the recipe as well to share with everyone. Also, a healthy sweet option is often appreciated for those also trying to avoid weight gain.

Holidays are supposed to be enjoyable, but they tend to be stressful with the gifts, parties, and family gatherings in so little time, so try to control your stress.  Plan ahead instead of waiting until the last minute; have a holiday work out competition and maybe make it into a tradition; take walks after meals or during non busy parts of the day.  These suggestions will help calm and relax your nerves and also gets you moving.

Holiday parties tend to have lots of junk food and rarely any healthy options. Bring a healthy dish to pass around everyone will appreciate it.  Don’t go to a party on an empty stomach because that’s an easy way to overeat, have a light healthy meal or snack before you go to help you feel full.  You can have holiday goodies every now and then, but remember portion control!holiday weight loss

If you are hosting a holiday party at your home prepare health conscious meals.  Don’t serve buffet style, and never leave the food sitting out where the festivities will be taking place.  Instead keep all of the prepared food in the kitchen or in an area not intended for eating.  When it’s time to sit down to the meal plate each person’s food, this will allow for portion control and prevent overeating.  Try to serve everyone equal portions to avoid making anyone in the family uncomfortable. If more food is requested by anyone offer them more vegetables and any low calories courses that were prepared.

Weight loss camp, Camp Shane, encourages overweight and obese youth to eat healthier and be physically active year round.  Nutrition and cooking classes are provided to teach our campers how to prepare healthy food choices and proper portion control.  We also offer many activities throughout the day to keep our campers on their feet and moving.  Healthy eating and exercise are essential for successful weight loss and your holiday seasons!

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