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Weight Loss Program Kids in the Pool

All over the country, there are lots of weight loss programs for teens: California offers something different. An exercise meets summer camp, we’re about fun, not fat. Through our kids weight loss programs, California based Camp Shane helps you lose the pounds and gain the memories. True to any summer camp, one of the activities we focus on is swimming. A full aerobic activity, pool time burns hundreds of calories whether you’re swimming laps or splashing around with your friends. Do the backstroke, butterfly, or freestyle. That’s what we’re about: cannonballs over cauliflower, even though we have those too.


Whether you’re battling the bulge or just want to get in shape, we can help. With our program focusing on kids weight loss, California based Camp Shane is a leader in the calorie burning industry. We take kids just like you and teach them that exercise is fun. With a focus on activities like swimming, we keep you moving so that the pounds melt away. Our weight loss for kids California camp sits on the beautiful Pacific coast, less than half an hour from the beach. Splash around in the ocean air. By making exercise enjoyable, we show you how to make it a part of your life for the entire season and years to come.