Camp Shane—How It All Began

Summer camp with decades of experience in helping overweight children

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Camp Shane, co-owned by Shane Diet & Resorts owners David Ettenberg and Ziporah Janowski, is a “Heritage Camp” that has been in the same family since it began in 1968. You could say it all started with David’s mother.

“My father was starting his own business and money was scarce for things like camp,” says David. “My mother worked as head counselor at summer camps so my siblings and I could attend at reduced cost.”

So when the opportunity arose to purchase a classic Catskills bungalow colony, David’s grandmother—a loving but tough old bird—was invited up from Brooklyn for a look. While she walked the property, looking at the grass and the trees and mountain views, the family stood silently nearby and awaited her thoughts. Finally she nodded and said, “Shayna,” which is Yiddish for beautiful. And so the camp became known as Camp Shane—125 wooded, gently rolling acres near the 600,000-acre Catskill Mountain Forest Preserve.


The weight loss tradition continues

The first year there were nearly 20 campers. Today there are six camps across the country—Arizona, California, Georgia, Texas and Wisconsin have joined New York —and now more than 650 boys and girls spend anywhere from three to nine weeks every summer at the New York camp alone. Shane Diet & Fitness Resorts was created in continuation of the Camp Shane tradition, except for adults.

And Grandma? She spent every summer in her own cabin in the center of Camp Shane New York, becoming a grandma to all the campers and embodying the most important aspect of Camp Shane, that being the feeling of family.

Shane Diet & Fitness Resorts

Created in 2008, located just 30 minutes from Camp Shane in New York, Shane diet is a fun and affordable vacation with a purpose – to help our adult guests lose weight and get fit for life. The program is held at a beautifully landscaped and newly renovated resort hotel nestled in the stunning Catskill Mountains. The resort offers all the fixings; pool, sauna, steam room, spa services, tennis, gym, golf, a private lake with boating and much more. But most important of all, the staff and the program provide the education and experience that enable long term change. The guests also bond with one another and provide deep support and lasting friendships. It’s summer camp for adults – but with maid service! Visit