“Camp Shane is the best place on earth!”

by erin_canada

My name is Erin. I was a camper at Camp Shane for two summers and will be returning for for my second year as a staff member. Camp Shane is an amazing establishment that truly cares about their campers and staff. The summers that I have spent at Camp Shane have been the best days of my life and I wouldn’t trade that experience for anything in the world. I met my best friends there and have made great friends from all over the world.

Camp Shane really does work! As a camper there for two summers, I had lost a total of 45 pounds. The amount of weight that people lose at Camp is incredible but even more amazing, is the lifelong friends that they will make and the confidence that they will gain. Although it is impossible to not lose weight at Camp Shane, I would have had just as great a time if I hadn’t lost weight because of the valuable knowledge of nutrition that I received, and the great friends that I made there. After having been a camper, I felt as though it was my turn to give back to another generation of “Shaners” and to help them in their quest for a healthy lifestyle. I will be returning to Camp next summer for my second year as a counselor because I love Camp Shane and if you or your child wants to lose weight, make great friends, and have a blast while doing it, you should not hesitate to send them to Camp Shane. It very well may be the best place on earth!

Camp Shane Reviews
Camp Shane Reviews

“From the eyes of a staff member”

by kerrigeter

After reading through the majority of the other reviews and making a mental note of all postee’s opinions, concerns, accolades, issues, etc., I felt somewhat compelled to share my “own” reflections on Camp Shane as a Camp, the campers, camp staff, camp morale, etc and encourage any parent, camper or aspiring staff member to take the time to read my compilations of such.
This summer I set out on an odyssey of sorts to acquire a sense of self gratification by trying something totally out of character for me….a SUMMER CAMP!

Being an overweight child and young adult, I anticipated being able to offer emotional support to a number of campers that I was certain were going through the same or similar personal battles I encountered at their age. When I got there I was delighted. Being that it was in the Catskill Mountains, the location just seemed so relaxing and therapeutic in itself. Having been to a few sleep over summer camps as a teen ager, I found the facilities way above average in comparison…considering their purpose. I had the opportunity to talk with parents constantly and meet each and every staff member on paper and in person.

I also had the chance to get a feel for the owner and his family as well. I would have to be honest and say that there were instances where some campers were unhappy but in most cases it was due to separation anxiety, the initial shock in dietary adjustments or their evident hatred for physical activity. The VAST majority of staff and campers were there because they wanted to be there. The owner and assistant director were constantly involved in the daily and nightly activities which were all highly motivating and aided tremendously in overall Camp morale. I watched children’s tears of anguish due to being homesick and feeling insecure turn into tears of joy, happiness and accomplishment. When their parents came to pick them up, tears of sadness followed because they were leaving and were going to miss the friends they made and bonds they formed.

I always tried to encourage the children to envision the last day of Camp and how proud they would be of themselves when they were told the total amount of weight they had lost or to imagine the look on their parents and family’s faces when they saw them and how proud THEY were going to be. At Camp Shane, everyone works toward the same goal…..losing weight and gaining self esteem.

It is a possibility that your child might be homesick at first, however it is a FACT that your child will lose the weight. It is a FACT that your child will make life lasting friendships with both the staff and other campers and it is a FACT that no matter what part of the United States you reside in, the Camp that is portrayed on the website is indeed the Camp that you are paying for and sending your child to. I plan on going back and would urge anyone else be that parent, camper or staff member, to do the same.

“A camp that can truly change your life”

by mspool

Having never attended a Camp before, I was apprehensive when first arriving at Camp Shane last summer. I had no idea when I walked through their gates for the very first time that I was embarking on the most amazing summer of my life. I was immediately welcomed with open arms, and this was just the welcoming for the staff.

A Camp is only as strong as their staff, and Camp Shane was the strongest it could be. The staff’s entire focus was making a difference in each and every camper’s life through encouragement and support. Every staff member who works for Shane is there because they love to work with children of all ages. As a counselor for the younger teenage girls, I was able to see with my own eyes the amazing transformation of these young women. To watch them from the first day of Camp when their self-esteem was low, and all they could see in the mirror were the negative aspects about themselves, to their last days at Shane when they had realized how beautiful they really were.

They became more and more confident as their days at Shane continued, realizing not only their outer beauty, but more importantly their inner beauty. For those people considering working at Camp Shane, it is one of the most rewarding jobs you could imagine. Knowing you are making a difference in someone’s life is an amazing feeling. There are very few jobs that allow you the opportunity to make such an impact. Every person who leaves Camp Shane at the end of the summer leaves with high self-esteem, knowledge that will enable them to lead healthier lives, friends that will last a lifetime, and a better understanding of why they are special. I highly recommend to any parent who is considering sending their child to a weight loss Camp, to really consider Camp Shane. I honestly believe it would be one of the best decisions you could ever make for your child.

“Go to Shane and you will never want to leave. The summer of a lifetime!!!”

by shanerstyle

I have spent the past two summers at Camp Shane as a boy’s counselor for middle school children. I can truly say that these past two summers have been the most amazing summers of my life. I have built long-lasting friendships with children and adults that will be with me forever. Working at Shane gives you the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of children who need a positive role model to overcome the adversities that face them throughout their childhood years.

The counselors at Camp Shane go above and beyond what is expected of them. They truly are there for the kids. We are always on call, and children know that they can talk to us about whatever is on their minds. We provide emotional support, encouragement, friendship, and love to our “children” for the summer.

The activities at Shane keep the children active while also providing an enjoyable experience for all. Camp Shane is labeled a weight loss camp, but when I look into the eyes of these children and I see the effort and fun provided at Camp, I do not see overweight children. I see kids who have made a healthy decision to change their lifestyle and venture to New York for a fun-filled summer of laughter and friends. Personally, I would recommend this Camp to anyone because it truly captures the heart of all, and makes you want to come back for more. Shane can make all your children’s dreams come true and build one’s self-esteem to face the real world. Enroll your child if they want to make a healthy lifestyle choice and enjoy a normal summer Camp. They will meet friends and staff that will forever make an impact in their lives. If you are looking for a job, it is one of the most rewarding and challenging experiences that one could ever be exposed to. Shane is a positive environment with good facilities and a caring community wanting to provide the best possible experience that one could have in a summer.

“My favorite home away from home-Camp Shane”

by pudgiepeople

I have 50 years of camping experience as a camper, counselor, group leader, and head counselor. I have worked at Camp Shane for 9 summers as a Head Counselor. It was probably the most rewarding job of all. I highly recommend Camp Shane for any child looking to lose weight.
Although it is billed as a weight loss Camp, it has everything and more as compared to a general type camp. All sports are available with specialists to run them. The arts and crafts programs are an integral part of the program with at least 10 different types of activities including needlecraft, jewelry, leather craft, ceramics, tye dyeing, silk screening, woodworking, and more.

The weight loss programs are tremendous with aerobics, Tai-bo, circuit training, dance, Zumba and weight training utilizing a gym with lots of equipment. The campers also learn about nutrition in classes as well as discuss reasons why they overeat in group and individual sessions. Probably the best part of Camp Shane is the staff. The counselors are wonderful, many of who return year after year. I would give this camp a 5 star rating.

“So Rewarding…”

by love4shane

Being a camper at Camp Shane did wonders for me. I was a camper for five summers and this past summer I was a counselor for the first time. While I prepared for my first summer away working at Shane, I never thought about what could happen or the types of campers I would get. At Shane, everyone is accepted and it doesn’t matter what you look like on the outside, its what’s on the inside that counts.

I had two roles to play this summer; I was one of the aerobics instructors and I was a general counselor for 15 year old females who were talented and unique in every way. I saw friendships being made, and sports tried for the first time because at home they were to scared that they would get made fun of. When you send your children to Camp Shane, they will have the most amazing experience and you won’t have any regrets.

The rewards of being a counselor is seeing a difference in all of the kids from the second they arrive to the day they leave. From the moment that they step onto Camp grounds it’s as though everything that had ever happened at home is no longer a part of their lives but rather that Shane will now be part of their future. I would recommend Shane to anyone who was up for the best challenge of their lives. I mention challenge because once you complete it, you will feel as though you have conquered the world!

“Camp Shane- a magical place”

by merryl

I was a former camper and I have come back as a counselor.
When I was told of Camp Shane by my parents I thought it was as if I was being quarantined. All the “fat” children went to this Camp and the rest of the world can go to any other Camp they wanted. I was completely mortified and I made sure people knew NOT of where I was going. When we pulled off the exit to the Camp I remember my mother saying “I hope we find it.” I remember thinking I hope we NEVER find it. That never happened. Little did I know the greatest years of my life would be spent right in this very place.

I was always the “biggest” child but here I was just like everyone else. In fact for a kid who was the least desired for a team of softball and picked last I was now being chosen first because I was the most desirable. My self esteem picked up and I started to look and feel better. I stopped thinking about what meal came next and started thinking what activity I can excel in. I started to become more outgoing, making friends that are still going 18 years later. I have been to other Camps even as a child but none that I liked more than Shane. I can also remember not having to worry about what I was eating. I finally got to see what a real portion was supposed to look like.

Who can resist seeing friends that you have made from all over the world? It’s a very special place. As an adult I returned to give back a little of what I took with me. I have seen such wonderful people doing wonderful things. I have seen counselors giving up their nights off just to sleep in the health center with a sick child. I have seen counselors putting their all into creating new and fun activities to put a new swing on Camp. I was so excited to be a part of the magic that happens here at Camp Shane. Camp Shane isn’t a place, it’s a feeling.

There are trained staff on grounds willing and able to listen to the needs and wants of the campers. They are a shoulder to cry on and the voice of reason. The children feel free to express their feelings inside and outside of counseling sessions. They talk about everything from bunk issues to how they feel at home as opposed to Camp.

There are also very informative nutrition classes. Not only do the campers learn to make better food choices but they learn how to cook for themselves once they leave. Camp Shane has a working kitchen where the kids take a cooking class.

My favorite part of working at Camp Shane is watching the kids flourish throughout their stay. When they first walk through the doors of Camp they are looking down, walking slow, and not smiling enough. Throughout their stay, I watch children who never made a spectacle of themselves hopping on stage and singing to a group of 500 campers. By the time they leave, their heads are held high and they have spirit to match. They go home different children from how they came and they are better for it. I love it here and will be back again.

“Best Feeling Ever”

by shanerpool

Dear Camp Shane,

I have worked at Camp Shane for two summers, and they have both been amazing. As staff I went to have a great time, work with kids, and lose some weight myself. The people I met at Shane each summer were so amazing; I never knew people like this existed. I met friends from all over the world, and can’t wait to see them again!

I had the same bunk both summers, and have developed such an amazing bond with the campers. I am hoping to go back again… truly an unforgettable summer!! A great experience for both Campers and Staff!

“Camp Shane works”

by goldgirl1

Camp Shane has experienced great success getting overweight and under active kids moving, thinning down and gaining confidence. There are always things to do, including off camp trips, special events, great activities and having loads of fun! The campers will find delicious kid-friendly food, and a ton of support and encouragement. Many kids who have always felt left out finally feel that they belong. The programming is fun and creative and the facilities are beautiful.

Kids have an amazing time and make incredible friends. Campers find themselves coming back summer after summer even after having achieved their goals. It’s a wonderful place to be!

Camp Shane Reviews

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