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Okay, so you’re looking at Camp Shane summer camps because you want to make a change. Maybe a small change, maybe a big change. You want things to get better. Hey, we all have feelings.

We would all like to have lots of friends, and to feel included. Let’s face it; there are too many kids out there that are simply not nice. There are kids that will judge you simply by the way you look or for what you wear. You don’t even get a chance to have your true self be known.

Camp Shane has experience since 1968, helping our campers achieve their health and fitness goals. All the fun of traditional summer camps mixes with the benefits of weight loss camps to ensure a memorable and unforgettable summer for each camper.


Camp Shane Works


Camp Shane weight loss camp urges campers the importance of nutrition and fitness knowledge in order to lose weight in a healthy manner. We don’t operate as a ‘boot camp’ and are much more supportive and nurturing than a ‘fat camp’. Here, campers learn the methods behind healthy weight loss and how to keep the weight off in the future. They meet new friends, while making positive and healthy life changes and can still experience summer fun. Camp Shane Works


  • Lose an enormous amount of weight
  • Learn how to keep the weight off
  • Feel great about the way you look and who you are
  • Make fantastic friends that you’ll keep forever
  • Have an absolutely amazing good time!

Shane weight loss camps have seen successful transformations for over 20,000 campers through the years and we would love to see the same for you!.

Camp Shane Works

Camp Shane Works

I Know What Kids Do At a Regular Camp, But What Would I Do At a Weight Loss Camp?

What we do at Camp Shane is have a lot of fun. Seriously! (And not so seriously!) We’re really a regular summer camp and we’re all here for the same reason. That’s what makes it so easy to lose weight together.

Why Should I Come To Your Weight Loss Camp?

Camp Shane is a happy place and that means having fun, doing things you enjoy. Everyone cares
and helps each other. You will have awesome fun, be included in all activities and feel totally
comfortable. Camp Shane is non-competitive, friendly and supportive. We’re all part of a T.E.A.M. – Together Everyone Achieves More.

I hate going to the Gym! What’s your program like?

About half the program is physically active like sports or fitness and the other half is hands-on like crafts, nutrition, cooking, CBT, dramatics and computers. Sundays we get up late and have a special afternoon activity. We have many super fun and unique one to three day events like boys-talk-about-campCollege Daze Patriot Games and Color War. We also run off-camp trips and have fun evening activities every night. There is much to do… well, you get the idea.

Will I Fit In With Other Kids?

At Camp Shane we all understand each other, and that means more acceptance. You’ll get lots of support, and new friends, too. Lots of new friends. No matter what you look like, no matter what you’re good at, you’ll find that Camp Shane is a real “nice people place”.

You Mean You Really Have Socials? Boys And Girls Together?

The real world is made up of boys and girls. And so is Camp Shane. Boys and girls get together here in an atmosphere that’s really comfortable for everyone, and we schedule fun co-ed socials in the evenings.

How Will I Look When Camp Is Over?

You’ll look different than you do now, and you’ll love it! The average weight loss is between 15 to 50 pounds, but believe us-everyone loses weight! At the end of camp- SURPRISE….. Your clothes won’t fit anymore and that means a truly joyous, awesome trip to the mall!


And Then I’ll Probably Gain The Weight Back, Right?

When camp is over… it’s not really over at all! You’ll take home all that you’ve learned about the food and the exercise that’s good for you, and you’ll hear from us throughout the year, too. Our total program is designed to help you keep the weight off! We are on Facebook and YouTube. You will get Newsletters and Blog posts all year long.

upside-down-photoCamp Shane Works


“I was a camper at Camp Shane this past summer. I can’t believe what it was like. I want to go again next summer. To me Camp Shane was everything I imagined it to be. I had fun meeting new people and losing weight. Everyone was so welcoming and caring. When I got back from camp, I was glad to be home, but missing the fun I had and all the new friends I had made.

Camp Shane Works

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