Written by Lauren Wagner and Mary Carter, Social Media Interns 2017

Camp Shane New York’s lakefront and jetski instructor will be Cristobal Arcos Verdinelli – who traveled to New York all the way from his home in Argentina for their children’s weight loss camp this summer.


Verdinelli, called ‘Tico’ at camp, is only 22 years old and is already a member of an international lifeguard organization and is continuously seen studying the mechanics of boats before campers show on June 21.


Tico traveled from Argentina to New York because a past camp employee, a friend of his named Emanuel, encouraged him to work here.


“I’m most excited to learn a lot of American culture [this summer],” Tico said. “I want to share the experience and knowledge.”


Fitness, health and nutrition mean everything to Tico, he said. Besides working as a lifeguard on the beaches of Argentina, he wants to learn how Americans diet compared to how people of his home country diet.


“We eat all day – every three hours – in Argentina,” he said. “I want to see if you [Americans] do the same thing.”


Besides his interest in health, Tico also wants to travel the world before he goes back home. He is especially interested in the culture of Sri Lanka, because it is located on a completely different side of the world that Argentina, or even America is.


“I just would love to see what their culture is like over there,” Tico told us excitedly.


As for his off time, Tico was adamant about his love for both sports and activity, especially because seasons are so short in Argentina, he explained to us.


“My passion is learning,” Tico said. “I love to learn new things. My hobbies are sports – it is my way to relax and chill out.”


When in high school, Tico’s favorite subjects were physical education and mathematics. Now Tico will use his past experience and knowledge towing campers around on the water all summer to enjoy the beautiful New York lakefront at Camp Shane.


For more information on Camp Shane, the nation’s oldest children’s weight loss camp, head to campshane.com or follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The camp is still accepting applications for this summer.


Children's Weight Loss Staff Spotlight- Cristobal

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