Looks like once again Congress has found its way into our personal lives and is now controlling what our children eat in our public schools. As the adjacent diagram suggests Lunch should be now more than 1/3 of one’s daily calorie intake with Breakfast being less than this and dinner and light snacks taking up the rest. Some of our favorites such as Jell-O, French Fries, and low-fat milk, will be soon replaced with apples, steamed peas, and cranberry juice respectively.

It is Congress’ hopes that our children are put on a much lower calorie diet at a younger age do reduce the risk of an unhappy lifestyle later in life. In this case children might not know what they are missing if this is infused in their minds at a young age. Only time will tell, but Congress as always loves to control basic human necessities, in this case, they have found their way right to our lunch plates, and no we Do not get to eat them, they have too many calories.

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