Sarah Rose, Upper Girls Head Counselor

Sarah Rose - Camp Shane
Hi everyone, my name is SarahRose Greco and I’m from Washington, DC.  During the school year I teach 4th grade in Rockville, Maryland. During the summer I come here to Camp Shane to put on a different hat: Upper Girls Head Counselor! 
I’ve struggled with my weight basically my whole life.  I remember it really sank in when the scale said 200 lbs at 12 years old.  I then spent the next 10-11 years depressed, feeling helpless, and not in control of my life.  I let my weight define who I was and how I thought about myself, which was very negative.  I wish I had Camp Shane when I was in my adolescent years, because it does make a difference having peers and counselors that have been there, or are going through the same struggles. 
Growing up it was hard being the only “fat” friend/family member/girl in my area and circle of friends.  Weight was such big issue in my family and I was only one with the “problem.”  Now that I’m older and more confident I see that I spent so much wasted energy focusing on what I hated about myself, which was my weight.  I wish I could go back and talk to my adolescent self and tell her it gets better, not everyone cares about your weight and if they do then that says something about them.  I come to Camp Shane because I see my old self in a lot of the new kids.  I get a chance every summer to make up for lost, wasted time and spin it into a positive by helping others see just how awesome and beautiful they truly are!  

I am ecstatic to be coming back to Camp Shane my second home! We’re going to have a blast getting fit this summer! Don’t forget your water bottle.