Written by Sydney Antolini

With an overweight or obese child, sending them off to a weight loss camp promises structured meals, constant activity, and significant weight loss. While two, four, or six weeks may not seem like a significant amount of time to accomplish those things, the lessons learn and knowledge gained expand far beyond camp. In short, children’s weight loss camps provide the fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle changes that kids need to continue to build a healthy life. Healthy lives start here.

While campers may struggle to see the direct benefit of their time at camp, or weight loss may not be as consistent or significant as they would like, they are still learning valuable and necessary skills. Weight loss camps are the starting point for a lifetime of nutritious food, fun workouts, and strong confidence.

With a variety of fitness circuits, sports activities, and fitness classes, kids are exposed to numerous, and fun ways to be active. Camp allows kids to to explore and choose the fitness activities that they enjoy most, which should continue to progress and develop after camp. In a similar way, learning the nutritional value of food allows kids to understand the importance of good, healthy food and the role it plays in weight loss and weight maintenance. While meals provided at camp are already chosen, measured, and portioned, campers come to understand the importance of food as fuel and which foods are needed to fuel their bodies.

In essence, weight loss camp is more than fitness and a diet, but rather, it is a lifestyle change. Not only are kids equipped with the knowledge and resources they need to make healthy decisions, but they now have the confidence to build a healthy life.

Do Weight Loss Camps for Kids Actually Work?

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