What we learned from helping kids lose weight since 1968

  • How to run a safe and supervised Camp.
  • How to create a Caring Camp.
  • How to insure every camper is included in activities.
  • How to insure every camper is feels comfortable at Camp.
  • What to do when a camper has a problem.
  • How to supervise, motivate and involve staff.
  • How to guarantee consistently high standards.
  • The need to insist on consistent and strictly observed standards.

The underlying philosophy that makes it happen

  • Using positive reinforcement
  • Listening – really listening – to each child
  • Building a camper’s sense of self-worth
  • Dealing effectively with negative behavior by reacting positively

Our staff understands how to do it by example, because our directors are consistently positive role models – day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute.