How long should I send my child to camp for?

The minimum stay in Connecticut is 3 weeks, and 2 weeks for all other programs. We find that any stay shorter than this just isn’t as effective in developing new habits for continued success after camp. If your child has significant weight to lose we recommend a longer stay. Our programs are open each summer for anywhere from 6 to 9 weeks.

If you are unsure how to long to attend, give us a call and we would be happy to help you decide which stay is right for your child.

How much weight do campers lose?

On average our campers lose 3 to 5 pounds a week – of course this depends on their current weight and fitness level. Many of our campers lose even more!

My child is unsure about attending camp, what should I do?

It’s fairly common for kids and teens to be unsure about going away to camp. They might be embarrassed or ashamed to admit they need help losing weight. They might be anxious about whether or not they’ll be successful. Maybe they’re just worried about being away from home for so long. Whatever the situation, their feelings are valid. Here is how you can help:

    1. Request a brochure and review it with your child. It is important you give them time to process the option of camp.
    2. Encourage them to check out our camper success stories or to watch some of our videos to get a better feel of what camp is actually like.

You can also call our office to arrange to speak with a former camper or their parents.

  1. You should also talk to your child about results. How are they feeling at their current weight and health? Do they want to make a change? What things would change for them if they were healthier or more fit?

Camp Shane is committed to long term results and helping our campers to maintain health long-term. Camp Shane offers a new, but supportive environment where campers can connect with peers that have experienced many of the issues and weight concerns they have experienced. An important childhood obesity study by the Yale Rudd Center found that the most effective way for a child to lose weight is at a camp immersion program where the child is away from home for a period of time. Not only is Camp Shane a place to lose weight and feel better, but also learn new skills, make friends, and have a ton of fun!

My child has never been away from home. If I sign up for 1 session, can I extend?

Homesickness is completely normal and having been open for 50 years we are seasoned professionals in helping kids and young adult’s transition to being away from home. We generally encourage that you sign up for the full stay in advance as this allows your child to fully wrap their heads around how long they will be away for; however you are always able to extend your stay so long as room is available.

We live far from the camp. Is there airport transportation available?

Our campers come from not only all over the country, but internationally as well. Camp is an awesome opportunity for your children to meet and make friends from all over the world.

Airport transportation is available for a fee of $75 each way. Transportation is available on arrival days, changeover days (days between sessions), and on the last day of camp.

At Camp Shane Connecticut we also offer transportation to and from Long Island & New Jersey.  Pick up and drop off is available in Manhasset and in Fort Lee for the same fee.

Can campers bring their cell phones?

Campers age 17 and older are permitted to bring their cell phones, though access is limited to use during scheduled times. We limit access intentionally, as we find campers are most successful when outside distractions are limited. We do not allow campers under the age of 17 to bring cell phones to camp, as we find they are too distracting and hinder their experience in the program. Any cell phones brought to camp will unfortunately be removed from the camper if under 17 years old.

Can I visit my child?

Yes! Each season we offer one visiting day during the middle point of the program. We encourage you to attend, as this is not only a great time to see your child and their progress, but also learn more about our program and about ways you can help your camper to continue their weight loss success at home. Our staff are available throughout the day should you have any questions.

How will I stay in touch with my child?

Only campers age 17 and older are permitted to bring cell phones to camp, but there are many ways to stay in touch with your children while at camp. Your child will get a phone call each week and you will be provided a schedule for when your child’s group will be making their phone calls. If for some reason you miss their call, DON’T WORRY. Your child will be offered a call during the next available phone call time.

We also recommend signing up for BunkOne services; you will receive information on how to do this upon enrollment. For a small fee this service allows you to send bunknotes to your campers as often as you like. Notes are printed and distributed each morning, so this is great way to send your camper a little extra love. We also use BunkOne to post photos and updates each day, making it an excellent way to stay updated on what your child has been up to during their time at camp.

If you are not interested in BunkOne, there are many other options to stay in touch with your children. Depending on the camp location campers will have limited access to email. Access to technology is curtailed intentionally, as we find campers are most successful when outside distractions are limited. This allows them to focus fully on their goals and experience.

We suggest following us on social media, as we frequently post photos, videos, and updates so that you are able to check in on all the camp fun! Finally we encourage you so send letters and care packages. We just ask that you do not send any food or beverages.

Can campers bring tablets, iPods, or iPads to camp?

Campers are permitted to bring iPods to camp and are free to use them during their free time, or for music while in the gym.

We do not encourage campers to bring iPads or any other type of tablet. While we like to think that our campers are completely responsible and trustworthy with theirs and others’ belongings, accidents happen. Camp is not responsible for any stolen or damaged belongings. Also, we do not have wifi available to campers, so tablet capability would be limited.

My child has not been active in a while, Will they be able to participate and keep up?

Of course! Here at Camp Shane our campers have a wide variety of fitness levels, and we are very experienced in adapting our programs to meet your child’s needs. Our professional staff is trained to work with campers that may not have been active recently, or ever. Safety and fun are our biggest priorities.

All of our campers sign a commitment to care upon their enrollment in camp; this is the first step that we take in creating a welcoming and encouraging camp environment. Camp Shane truly is an environment where campers can feel comfortable trying new activities. Our goal is to encourage campers to challenge themselves and try new activities.

Can you accommodate vegetarians, kosher, allergies, and other dietary restrictions?

Absolutely! Our professional and experienced dining staff can accommodate vegetarian diets. Upon enrollment, you will complete a dietary restrictions form, these forms are reviewed in detail by our Registered Dietitians on staff. We can accommodate all documented food allergies and intolerances, including dairy and gluten free diets. For those with nut allergies – our menu is 100% nut free.

What should we pack?

Campers will have their laundry done each week, so there is no need to pack enough clothes for multiple weeks. For a detailed packing list, see our Packing Guide.

What is CBT? Should my child enroll in this program?

CBT stands for Cognitive Behavioral Techniques. Our program is overseen by Michelle Maidenberg, PhD and is designed specifically to help campers break through the mental barriers that often get in the way of healthy living and change.

Our CBT program is offered at all Shane camps for a $30 to $45 weekly fee, depending on location. Sessions are in small groups, and occur three times each week.
Sessions focus on weight management issues only and cover the following topics and skills:

  • Learning how to set challenging, but achievable goals
  • Developing self monitoring skills
  • Planning for difficult situations
  • Stress management
  • Developing awareness of thoughts and feelings associated with eating and exercise

If your child is over 12 years old and needs help dealing with anxiety, social problems, or struggles with issues associated with poor self-esteem we suggest considering CBT. CBT is very effective at helping children who have failed to find weight loss success in the past, overcome their issues and concerns and find success.

What happens after camp, do campers maintain or continue to lose weight?

Camp Shane is committed to long term results and success. Throughout a camper’s stay at Shane we provide them with a well rounded experience and the tools they need for success after camp. Parents and families are a key element to their continued good results and so we make it a priority to educate our camper families both during camp, but after camp as well. We send monthly newsletters and frequently post educational blogs and resources to help you along throughout the year. Our owners are available to chat before and after camp to provide personalized support. And all camper families receive an at home manual after their child’s time at camp – this is full of tips, workouts, and even some of our favorite camp recipes!

Using the tools they learned at camp, our campers continue to lose weight after returning home. We often hear from campers and parents about how life changing their Shane experience was – and we love nothing more than getting updates from our previous Shaners!


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