Fat Camp

What Makes Camp Shane Better Than a Fat Camp?

At Camp Shane, you won’t hear the term ‘fat camp’ used amongst our campers and our staff. Although ‘fat camp’ is a phrase still widely used when discussing childhood obesity and children’s weight loss struggles, it is not an accurate depiction of Camp Shane’s philosophy. Our weight loss camp offers a supportive, non-bullying atmosphere, to assist all campers striving to reach their weight loss goals.

The Term ‘Fat Camp’ Perpetuates Negative Feelings and Thoughts

Using the term ‘fat camp’ can actually contribute to the negative mindset that many of our campers try so hard to break free from. ‘I’m fat and I’m worthless.’ ‘I’ll never be skinny like my friends.’ ‘My life would be so much better if I wasn’t fat.’ Instead of the constant put downs that a ‘fat camp’ uses to try to motivate participants to improve, Camp Shane uses positive reinforcement of traits that our campers already possess while encouraging them to try new things. What are some of your best qualities? What activities do you excel at? What makes you a great friend? Then, we add in nutrition lessons, healthy cooking classes and calorie burning activities that are actually fun, to assist them in reaching those weight loss goals.

‘Fat Camp’ Can Promote Unhealthy Body Image

The term ‘fat camp’ in and of itself, has so many negative connotations surrounding it that it starts a potential weight loss journey off on the wrong foot. To free the mind of damaging thoughts that can often prevent successful weight loss, weight loss camps like Camp Shane do not use derogatory terms like ‘fat camp.’ Too often, children, teens and young adults refer to themselves as ‘fat’ and ‘worthless’ which is what we try so hard to teach them not to do. No one, of any age, should define themselves solely by their weight. The size of clothes or the number on a scale should have no bearing on the happiness of a child, so long as they are healthy. Fat camps tend to harp only on pounds lost and physical fitness levels achieved, instead of repairing the emotional damage that many overweight children experience. Camp Shane provides the tools, support and understanding needed for overweight children to find success in losing weight, getting healthier and loving the body they’re in. We are so much more than a ‘fat camp.’

‘Fat Camp’ Can Actually Harm a Child’s Psychological Development

Sure, some people thrive in the high pressure and intense settings found at a ‘fat camp.’ Others, especially those dealing with children’s weight loss, prefer a nurturing, supportive and understanding environment. Typically, ‘fat camp’ operates like a boot camp. Weight loss instructors scream and yell at participants, demanding them to perform a certain way, regardless of their fitness and ability levels. The ‘fat camp’ is only concerned with losing weight quickly, no matter how unhealthy the methods may be. Besides the obvious physical effects of pushing your body past a reasonable limit, ‘fat camps’ do more damage to a person’s psyche than to actually transform and repair it. This is why most people fear ‘fat camps’ rather than look forward to experiencing what they offer, as they would with a weight loss camp like Camp Shane.

You Won’t Find the Supportive Community You Need at ‘Fat Camp’

Too often, participants of ‘fat camp’ believe that strict teaching methods and ‘tough love’ are the only keys to success. At our weight loss camp, your child will benefit from being around a group of people who have gone through the same weight loss struggles. Many of our former campers become counselors in order to help others achieve their weight loss goals. Since most of our staff members have either gone through their own weight loss journey or are just passionate about health and fitness, they are a fantastic resource for our campers.

We understand what it’s like to be overweight and the emotional struggles that come with it. Rather than play into those negative thoughts, we assist our campers in changing their behavior and thinking patterns in order to help them achieve weight loss success. Campers learn important lessons through these Cognitive Behavioral Therapy sessions that a ‘fat camp’ just does not offer.

Traditional Summer Camp Fun With the Benefits of Weight Loss

When faced with the choice of enrolling in a ‘fat camp’ most people feel like they have to sacrifice an enjoyable summer in order to lose weight. At Camp Shane, you don’t have to choose. Our weight loss camp provides all the fun and excitement of a traditional summer camp with activities such as arts & crafts, wood working classes, fashion shows, talent shows, dances, banquets and weekly camp wide events. Then, we add in nutrition classes, healthy cooking classes and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy sessions to teach our campers about healthy weight loss methods. Not only will they have made incredible summer memories but they will have the knowledge and experience needed to keep the weight off long after camp ends.

The Methods Used at a ‘Fat Camp’ Are Often Not Sustainable

Our weight loss methods are much different than a ‘fat camp’ which tends to over emphasize intense workouts and very low calorie meals. Successful and sustainable weight loss requires so much more than that and Camp Shane recognizes it. Our staff members are trained on proper supervision of campers of all ages, motivational tactics and proper emotional support. Many of our staff members have been through their own weight loss journey and can easily tell the difference between what a ‘fat camp’ offers versus what Camp Shane offers.

Camp Shane is an Investment in Your Child’s Future

We understand that enrolling in a ‘fat camp’ or a weight loss camp of any kind is not cheap. Compared to other programs, Camp Shane is significantly less expensive without sacrificing quality. In fact, Camp Shane has been the leader in weight loss programs for kids, teens and young adults since 1968. With 48 years of experience and over 20,000 campers that have experienced weight loss success with our program, we are the longest running weight loss camp in the world.

Unlike ‘fat camp,’ we offer a program that helps campers change their lives for the long haul. By teaching about proper nutrition and safe, calorie burning exercises and activities, campers learn the healthiest ways to lose weight and keep it off. It’s not a quick fix. It becomes a lifestyle change which will prevent future out of pocket costs associated with childhood obesity.

Simply put, a ‘fat camp’ cannot offer the supportive, successful and enjoyable experience that we do. Weight loss does not have to be hard. By enrolling at Camp Shane, your child will experience the long term benefits of our weight loss program which far outweigh that of any ‘fat camp.’