How We Lose

A Delicious and Healthy Diet for Kidseating balanced diets

You won’t believe the foods you can eat. Fun foods – like pizza, pasta, chicken nuggets (baked of course) and hamburgers. NO TYPICAL DIET FOOD HERE – but foods you’ll want to eat when you return home. We love our cook and you won’t believe how good the food is.

diet camps healthy eatingGreat Things Are a Cookin’

We provide portion-controlled meals that are healthy and tasty. Sometimes we eat in our dining room and sometimes we have cook-outs. You’ll never be bored. We also serve 2 snacks-every day like popcorn, fresh fruit, pretzels and ices. And for vegetarians, we have a complete, terrific menu just for you.

 diet plans for healthy lifestyle

Diane Hendriks, R.D.

Registered Dietitian: Creating Certified Camp Shane Menus

We Have Been Creating Menus Since 1968

With all that experience, you can bet that we know how to serve great tasting, kid tested healthy meals. We create healthy diets for kids with food that they actually like. We omit unhealthy high fat and high sugar items, but otherwise we serve all food groups of every day comfort and “normal” kid approved foods.

Our Food Philosophy

We teach kids to make smart food choices and to eat proper portions. This allows them to eat virtually anything in moderation. There is no extreme deprivation in our kids’ diet plan. It’s an eating program that kids and teens can continue for the rest of their lives.

                                      Nutrition Education

Summer weight loss dietsnutrition for natural weight lossBack home you’ll get our monthly newsletter with weight-loss menus and healthy diet facts. We even send your parents our Camp Shane “At Home booklet” that has lots of great information in it.

Hate That Scale…?healthy menu for kids

Not anymore. We’ll teach you how to get in control and stay in control in our basic nutrition classes and cooking classes. The facts might surprise you. Our nutrition workbook helps you throughout your time at camp and when you get home.

The Concept Behind The Diet Is Simple- IT WORKS!

It’s not easy to lose weight, but at Camp Shane we make it easy! We’re so busy having a great time. We don’t realize we’re making changes in our lifestyles that will help us take and keep the weight off forever! Nutrition and cooking classes and rap sessions help teach you about eating in the real world which is an uncontrolled environment that sometimes gets out of control. We’ll give you the tools for losing and maintaining a healthy diet plan.

Cooking Classes

Everybody Likes Cooking and Eating

Instead of eating in our dining room, we meet in our Cooking Center.

Pancakes, Cookies, Macaroni & Cheese…

Sound too good to be true? Well it’s not. We’ll teach you to cook – not just girls but you guys, too. Learn to cook the foods we eat at camp and bring the recipes home – even cookies. While it may be difficult to lose weight at home, it’s easy at Camp Shane. You’re having such fun you don’t realize you’re making lifestyle changes that are helping you achieve your goal and will keep the weight off forever.


Meet Our Chef

healthy meals at exercise camp

Meet Sal Ademo

No institutional cooking here! Sal has worked in the finest restaurants and hotels around the world. Wait until you taste his home made lasagna – Yummm. You’ll love the food at camp!