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The Shane Philosophy

Delicious & Healthy for Kids & Teens

We are going to let you in on our secret formula, our proprietary-only-available-here recipe for success … just kidding there is no secret and we are happy to share with you the truth: wholesome nutrition with no shortcuts.

Our home cooked meals are grounded in science; we never experiment with gimmicks, fad diets, cleanses, fasts or supplements. No specific food or food groups are forbidden, though those that are highest in calories (such as chips, cheese, sweets, juice and hot dogs) are only given out occasionally and in appropriate portions. We don’t believe in extreme deprivation. Our’s is an eating program that kids and teens can continue for the rest of their lives.

Shane’s highly varied menu offers plenty of traditional kid friendly foods (albeit lower calorie versions) including sandwiches, pasta, chicken nuggets (baked, of course), and hamburgers while at the same time introducing innovative options such as garbanzo bean veggie burgers, teriyaki marinated salmon, and a cinnamon apple barley breakfast bowl. And of course, not a day goes by without plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables.

By offering our campers a variety we instill in them that there is no one perfect diet or secret formula. Our goal is campers learn that there are many different foods that can be part of a successful diet as long as they are mindful of their calorie budget and partake in physical activity.

Scientific Experts Since 1968

With all that experience, you can bet that we know how to serve great tasting, kid tested healthy meals that they actually look forward to eating.

Here is How We Do It:

Our menu averages 1600 calories a day. Meals are always portion controlled and range from 300-500 calories and our snacks between 50-200.

On average the calories come from 60-65% carbohydrate (225-260 grams), 15-20% protein (75-100 grams), 20% fat (35 grams), all within the USDA recommended range. We choose mostly complex carbohydrates such as potatoes, corn, whole grains, and whole wheat bread and pasta. Our protein comes from eggs, turkey, chicken, fish, beef, legumes, and dairy products such as skim milk and yogurt. Our fats come from vegetable oils used in cooking such as olive and canola as well as fats that are found naturally in meats, fish and eggs. Every meal includes fruit and/or vegetables, including unlimited salads (with a low calorie dressing) at every lunch and dinner.

We also serve two daily snacks like popcorn, fresh fruit, hummus, pretzels and yogurt. And for vegetarians, we have a complete, terrific menu just for you. And we are experts in making adjustments for campers with food allergies.

How the Weight Loss Breaks Down

The average weight loss here is four pounds per week. The loss is half from diet and half from activity. Campers are active 4-5 hours a day, burning approximately 1,000 calories daily. Over the course of a week that is 7,000 calories, the equivalent of 2 pounds. The other two pounds comes from creating a calorie deficit of about 1,000 calories a day (another 7,000 per week). We are assuming an average Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) of 2,600 per camper, typical for an overweight child or teenager.

While BMRs do vary we find our results to be remarkably consistent. Younger children are still growing rapidly so we don’t want to cut their calories lower; they need them to continue proper growth and development.

Education: Learn Here and Stay Slim at Home

You can give a person a (baked) fish or teach them how to fish. So it goes here at Shane. We can provide the right foods and activities but in order to continue the weight loss at home campers have to learn both the basics of the science as well as how to put it into practice: choosing appropriate foods and be able to cook.

We’ll teach you how to get in control and stay in control with three nutrition and cooking classes per week. We stress the practical, our class topics include: label reading, grocery shopping, meal planning, eating out at restaurants, mindful eating, meeting your nutrient needs, spotting nutrition and diet scams, and learning how to create and follow a calorie budget.

In our cooking classes we get physical. Campers cut, chop, grate, mix, bake and sauté. Don’t worry; this isn’t a Food Channel extravaganza with gourmet meals featuring long ingredient lists and complex cooking techniques. We stick to the fundamentals: how to make tasty, lower calorie and nutritious meals that are easy enough to prepare that you can make them every day.

And we follow you back home. You’ll get our monthly newsletter with weight-loss menus and healthy diet facts. We even send your parents our Camp Shane “At Home Booklet” that has lots of great information in it.

Diane Hendriks, R.D.-Registered Dietitian: Creating Certified Camp Shane Menus

We Have Been Creating Menus Since 1968

How We Lose

With all that experience, you can bet that we know how to serve great tasting, kid tested healthy meals.The camp menus include primarily fresh fruits and vegetables and meals cooked from scratch with little sugar or artificial ingredients, healthy lean proteins, complex carbs, and healthy fats. Campers are served three meals and two snacks daily and the food is kid friendly, nutritious, filling, and tasty. We can also accommodate vegetarians, kosher (NY only), and campers with specific food allergies.

Our Food Philosophy

Shane’s co-owner, Ziporah Janowski, is a Certified Health Chef. With top culinary skills and knowledge, and Shane’s Registered Dietitian, she is applying principles of  serving food that is health supportive, whole, fresh, local, seasonal, in harmony with tradition, real, and unprocessed.We teach kids to make smart food choices and to eat proper portions. This allows them to eat virtually anything in moderation. There is no extreme deprivation in our kids’ diet plan. It’s an eating program that kids and teens can continue for the rest of their lives.


Back home you’ll get our monthly newsletter with weight-loss recipes and healthy eating tips. We even send your parents our Camp Shane “At Home booklet” that has lots of great information in it.

Summer weight loss dietsHow We LoseHow We Lose

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Hate That Scale…?

Not anymore. We’ll teach you how to get in control and stay in control in our basic nutrition classes and cooking classes. The facts might surprise you. Our nutrition workbook helps you throughout your time at camp and when you get home.

Cooking Classes

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Everybody Likes Cooking and Eating

Instead of eating in our dining room, we meet in our cooking classroom

Pancakes, Cookies, Macaroni & Cheese…

Sound too good to be true? Well it’s not. We’ll touch to cook – not just girls, but you guys too! Learn to cook the foods we eat at camp and bring the recipes home – even cookie. While it may be difficult to lose weight at home, it’s easy at Camp Shane. You’re having such fun you don’t realize you’re making lifestyle changes that are helping you achieve your goals and keep the weight off long term.  Click here to learn more about our cooking program.

A Delicious & Healthy Menu for Kids

How We Lose

How We Lose

You won’t believe the foods you can eat. Fun foods – like BBQ chicken, mac & cheese, and burgers. NO TYPICAL DIET FOOD HERE – but foods you’ll want to eat when you return home. We love our chef and you won’t believe how good the food is.

Great Things Are a Cookin’

How We LoseWe provide portion-controlled meals that are healthy and tasty. Sometimes we eat in our dining room and sometimes we have cook-outs. You’ll never be bored. We also serve 2 snacks – every day like popcorn, fresh fruit, homemade treats, and frozen yogurt. And if you are vegetarian, we have a complete, terrific menu that will nourish and please you.


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