Written by Lauren Ortmayer

Crossfit has taken the fitness world by storm since it coming to surface over a decade ago.  This training methodology was created by Greg Glassman who has now redefined fitness in a measurable way.  Crossfit is designed for participants to complete functional movements that are constantly varied at a high intensity.  Workouts, varying in length, combine movements of strength, gymnastics, and also endurance.  The strength portion of Crossfit comes mainly from barbell movements such as the deadlift, back squat, clean and jerk, snatch, push press and more.  The gymnastic side of these workouts combine pullups, pushups, rope climbs, bar muscle ups and ring muscle ups.  And the endurance portion comes from running, rowing, biking and swimming.  All these movements and more are constantly combined in differing quantity, difficulty and weight to create a training methodology that is not only attainable but also extremely effective.

As Crossfit became more and more popular, it expanded to also include younger generations to help them see the importance of fitness at a young age.  Crossfit Kids combines similar movements used in usual Crossfit workouts but scales them down to better target a child’s needs.  For example, a Crossfit workout designed for children would not include large barbell movements but rather more gymnastic movements to work on agility, strength and speed to help them as they grow up.  Crossfit has also appealed to children because it is constantly varied and done in a group environment to avoid boredom and increase motivation.  The group setting holds the children accountable and also helps to push them because of the competitive aspect of the workouts.  Below are a few examples of Crossfit Kids workouts that can be done either in a gym or a home setting.


Burp and Jump

12 minute AMRAP(As many reps as possible)

-10 Burpees

-25 jump rope singles

-10 situps


An AMRAP is a workout designed for the participant to complete as many rounds/reps as possible in an allotted amount of time.  For this workout, children would perform each exercise in the amount and order listed and when the last exercise is completed, they will return to the first workout and continue through the exercises again until the 12 minutes is complete.  Encourage children to move as fast as possible through the exercises for the most effective workout.  


Running Man

3 rounds for time

-400 meter run

-15 air squats

– 10 jumping pullups


In this workout, the child would complete one run, one set of squats, and one set of jumping pullups per round for three rounds.  The score for this workout is the time it takes to complete all three rounds.  This workout helps to increase endurance and also strength to better a child’s sports abilities and overall fitness.


Children from all over the world are trying out Crossfit workouts and sticking with its training mentality.  This program is an excellent way to keep children in shape but also keep them engaged and motivated to further benefit their overall health.  As Crossfit continues to rise in the fitness world, the programs that are geared more toward Crossfit for kids in their developmental programs are expected to follow in its footsteps.   

Can Crossfit Be Beneficial for Children?

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