Written by Taylor Booher

Most kids in our country live very busy lives and take their health for granted. Remember the days when you would have absolutely no time in between homework, school, a job, sports, music lessons and spending time with family? Your child is most likely going through the same kind of stress. When this happens, health and wellness can sometimes take the back burner and it can be hard for children to lose weight. Now that school is coming to an end, kids can really focus their energy on bettering themselves. At Camp Shane, a weight loss camp, it is possible to focus on becoming healthier without the stress of homework, working or other commitments. At Camp Shane, we are here to make a difference in kids’ lives and to ultimately have fun while doing it!


Lose Weight at Summer Camp While Having Fun

When attending Camp Shane, you will be exposed to many different workout routines and there is something for everyone! Between swimming aerobics, TRX training, weight rooms and cardio machines, you are able to focus on target areas you would like to improve while also trying some exercises you may have never heard of! Camp Shane also encourages team work and introduces the campers to many different sports including baseball, wiffle ball, tennis, soccer and more! Our goal is to make your child feel comfortable in any and every sport so that they will feel comfortable enough to play at home.

Camp Shane is also different from other camps with their nutritious and portioned meals. We offer healthy options for every meal which will entice your child to try different foods including grilled vegetables, turkey burgers and fresh fruit. We stick to dietary guidelines to ensure that your child is getting enough calories while working out, however they will be eating just enough so that weight loss can be significant. We would love to see your child at Camp Shane this summer so that they may witness all of the health changes and confidence boost that Camp Shane encourages.

Lose Weight at Summer Camp While Having Fun

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