NY Staff Bios

NY Staff Bios
Associate Director
Hi everyone! I am so looking forward to an incredible summer. A little about me – I have a huge passion for recreation and summer camps. Before starting with Camp Shane I spent many years working at various residential camps. From my first summer as a camp counselor back in 2011 – camp has been a natural progression and career for me.
I graduated in 2014 from James Madison University with a Bachelors in Exercise Science. Sports, fitness, and health have always been a huge part of who I am. I love working at Camp Shane because it combines many of the things I love most in life – camping, health, fitness, and kids! There is truly nothing better than helping our campers to realize their true potential and work hard to achieve their goals! I have been hard at work all year to ensure that this season is the best one yet!
NY Staff Bios
Head Counselor – Girls
HEALTH IS WEALTH! I have been an athlete all my life and I truly believe in the values of physical activity, nutrition and mental well-being. So much so, that I recently went back to school to get my Doctorate in Physical Therapy and I hope to work in pediatrics in the future. I also design costumes and run a small Etsy on the side. I hope to combine all this experience, to help campers discover great traits and talents, and teach them how to redirect their energies into something productive so they can build a positive self-image and expand their outlook on life.

Having worked as a camp counselor in the past and with a strong background in hospitality, I have worked with diverse teams of all ages and can’t wait to get to know everyone at Shane. I currently live in NYC and I’m excited to spend my summer surrounded by the beautiful Catskill mountains, in the supportive and friendly environment created by Shane that combines fun and fitness.

NY Staff Bios
Asst. Head Counselor – Boys
Hi, I’m Jason – a former Camp Shane camper and counselor. I’m very excited to return to Camp Shane this summer as the Assistant Head Counselor and Boy’s Group Leader. I couldn’t deny the perfect opportunity to spend one last summer here, before starting my career working with childhood cancer patients at the Chemo Teamo Organization in Los Angeles, CA. I attended Camp Shane on a scholarship when I was 15 years old and it was a great experience. I could not think of a more fulfilling way to spend my summer than to come back full circle, and once again give back to camp and all the wonderful campers.
NY Staff Bios
Guidance Counselor
This will be my first year at Camp Shane and I promise I am more excited than you are! Currently, I am a middle school special education teacher and a vocalist at my church. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Kinesiology from Pennsylvania State University, a Master’s Degree in Sports Management from Georgia State University, and a Master’s Degree in Education from Regent University. I’ve managed fitness centers, worked in collegiate and professional sports and worked with a celebrity fitness trainer at her summer fitness camp. I too have battled with my weight for various health reasons. So trust me, I get it and I’ve got you! Get ready, because I missed my true calling as a comedian. I’m hilarious and a lot of fun! I am so excited to be a part of your journey and not only the transformation that will take place on the outside of you, but even more so, the one that will take place on the inside.
NY Staff Bios

Hello everyone! My name is Kayla and I will be one of the Registered Dietitians at camp this summer! This is my second summer at Camp Shane, and I am absolutely thrilled to be returning! The best things about camp are undoubtedly the relationships that you build with one another, and the growth you experience as a community. I’m incredibly passionate about health & wellness, particularly nutrition education – teaching people the basic, everyday practice of eating a beautiful rainbow of colors- and fitness – loving yourself enough to treat your body well. I can’t wait to share this learning & growing experience with you! See you soon!

NY Staff Bios
Girls Group Leader
I am so excited to be coming to work at Camp Shane all the way from Wales – UK. I have been an avid sports player my whole life so know what it’s like to work as a team and I can’t wait to apply my coaching experience to working at Camp Shane. Health has always been a key interest of mine and I have recently graduated with a masters in Nutrition, hoping to study a masters in Dietetics this coming September. In my spare time I enjoy hiking around the Brecon Beacons where I call home and experimenting in the kitchen with pescatarian recipes. This will be my first time spending a whole summer stateside and I can’t wait to meet new people and enjoy the experience of camp.
During the year I live in Arizona, but have spent my recent summers at Shane. I currently am a student at Arizona State and will be teaching middle school social studies in the fall. For many years I have coached tennis and soccer. I even played DII tennis at Millersville University before deciding to transfer to ASU. Outside of school, when I’m not playing sports, I often go hiking or cook healthy meals! I love to be active so you’ll probably see me running around camp all summer long.

This will be my fourth summer at Camp Shane. Over my previous summers at Shane I worked as the tennis and soccer specialist and last year as a boys Group Leader. I’m super excited to meet everyone this summer!

NY Staff Bios
Theater Director
Human Biology-Nutrition/Dietetics student, Resident Assistant, and Chicago native who loves dogs, musicals, and coffee. When not studying/working, you can find me weightlifting, running, reading, or theater-ing. I’ve been involved in theater since 8th grade: acting, stage management, directing, tech, you name it. I was actually a theater major before I became a nutrition major! I’m excited to work at Camp Shane this summer because I believe theater teaches confidence, social skills, and teamwork; there’s nothing quite like the feeling of accomplishment after putting on a show! It also creates friendships and memories that last a lifetime. I’m passionate about working with adolescents to help them learn how to build confidence, trust themselves, and take creative risks!
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Sports & Fitness
I will be joining you this Summer from all the way across the pond; however contrary to stereotypes I do not speak the Queen’s English and I do not eat scones! That said, I do love a good cuppa tea! I am a Sport and Social Sciences student at the University of Bath, in England. I have accumulated a range of working experience from the business sector in London, to lead sports coaching roles, to volunteering with Physical Education at a high school level. I am an extremely motivated individual with a passion for sport, health, physical activity, exercise, and fitness. I enjoy various forms of training. I have played football (soccer) all my life and still hold an all-time athletics record at my high school.

I am sure this Summer will be a great experience for everyone involved and I am looking forward to being a part of something which empowers us all (staff and campers) to continue helping ourselves and other people.

NY Staff Bios
Nutrition Intern
I am currently a junior at Bowling Green State University where I am studying dietetics. I have lived in northwest Ohio all of my life, but I have a passion for traveling and trying new things. Aside from being a full time student, I also have a part time job and enjoy volunteering throughout the community. Words cannot describe how excited I am to spend the summer at Camp Shane! Some of my favorite memories come from my own experiences as a camper, as well as a cabin leader. I hope to share my passion for food, self-love, and life with the campers. I look forward to seeing all of your smiling faces soon!
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Cabin Counselor/ Program Assistant
Hey Y’all! My name is Caleigh. I am originally from Tampa, Florida, but I am currently in school at The University of Mississippi-Ole Miss. I am working towards a degree in Communication Sciences and Disorders with a minor in Elementary Education. I am absolutely thrilled to be coming back to Shane for a second summer! This summer I will be taking on new responsibilities as the Programming Assistant! I have so many fun ideas that I can’t wait to share with the campers. I am extremely passionate about helping people, especially children and helping others achieve their goals. Camp Shane is truly a special place with a positive and encouraging environment, I fell in love with Shane last summer and I know y’all will too! You can find me anywhere on camp with a smile on my face and motivating others to do their best. I am so excited for camp to start and I can’t wait to meet you all! See you soon Camp Shane!!
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HI! My name is Molly and this will be my 7th summer returning to Camp Shane NY! I am going to be teaching Zumba at camp this summer for the second time, and I could not be more excited about it! Dancing has always been my passion and there is nothing I love more than a fun way to mix my favorite thing with a good work out.

I am currently studying at West Virginia University going into my sophomore year. There is no other place I would rather spend my summer -Camp Shane is my home away from home and I cannot wait to meet you all and share another amazing summer with you!