What do kids do at a weight loss camp?

Our program begins with enjoyable non-threatening exercise classes and sports and incorporates extensive sessions of nutrition education and healthy cooking classes.  All of this is designed to help campers lose weight at camp and continue maintaining or lose more weight when they return home.  Beyond these basics, we offer an incredible list of creative activities to keep everyone very busy doing things they enjoy.  We know the key to successful weight loss.

Will my child have some choice of activities?

We are well-organized and well-supervised. We have an elaborate daily schedule where campers are required to participate. Staff is in charge of motivating campers on a daily basis. One to two periods per day are elective, meaning a camper can choose a desired activity from a small group of options. We want them to experiment with new activities and to have the opportunity to meet new friends with each passing day.

Will my child feel comfortable at Camp Shane?

Our campers share a common goal, and they give each other loads of encouragement and moral support. Most find it is a very different environment and a whole lot more positive than school or a neighborhood can possibly be. We apply understanding and sensitivity to every camper.

Will my child feel comfortable at a Weight Loss Camp?

At Camp Shane, your child is special! Each camper gets individualized attention and everyone knows that our door is always open. Every evening finds a group of campers on our porch. Our staff members and counselors are carefully chosen for their abilities to relate effectively to your child.

Why your weight loss camp?

Started in 1968, we are the oldest weight loss camp in the country. Camp Shane is the only traditional weight loss camp owned and directed by a Certified Camp Director. Our large adult staff, our “Commitment to Care!” philosophy, and our privately owned property in a beautiful setting, provides the best camp experience you can find.

What results can we expect?

Average weight loss ranges 15 to 50 pounds, and those numbers are calculated after nearly 50 years experience, based on age, height, weight and length of stay at camp. Then, we apply our nurturing skills to help your child reach that goal. At the end of the session, clothes just don’t fit anymore. Trust us, it will be the most joyful shopping trip you and your child have ever had.

But does the program work long term?

Your child will return home with new skills that will help keep the weight off. All campers learn about the value of regular exercise and good nutrition to help them modify their own behavior. Then we communicate regularly with them by mail and phone through the year, for more reinforcement of the hood habits that will keep the weight off. Support at home during this time is so crucial.