NY Staff Bios

Assistant Director
I’m thrilled to be the Assistant Director at Camp Shane. I’ve been a regular counselor, specialty counselor, section leader and group leader at several camps, as well as the previous Camp Director at Camp Shane Georgia. All in all, I have thirteen years of summer camp experience! Currently, I’m a high school testing facilitator where I assist students in finding a career path, college or university before they graduate.
I enjoy working with others. It’s truly a pleasure for me to create an atmosphere where we all can be safe, have fun, and be supportive of each other. I live by three rules, and I will encourage all campers and staff to adopt these same rules: 1. Do what’s right. 2. Be the best YOU can be. 3. Treat people the way you want to be treated. I look forward to meeting you all!
Fitness/Athletic Director
Anat is a Certified Physical and Health Education Teacher (Grades K-12) with a Bachelor’s Degree in Education and an emphasis in Physical and Health Education. She is certified by the IDF (Israel Army) as a Combat Fitness Instructor and is specialized in self defense and repelling. She is also certified to use the ‘Heart Rate Monitor for Children’ as part of a fitness program. Anat creates, runs and advises Camp Shane’s fitness and exercise programs to ensure they are safe and effective. Her own daughter has been a Shaner so she knows first hand how successful and life changing our program can be!
NY Staff Bios
Girls Head Counselor
Being selected as Girls Head Counselor at Camp Shane is an honor and dream come true!  Not only will I have the opportunity to be of service to others but also have fun in the process.  I have experience working as a psychiatric nurse with adolescents and adults in residential substance abuse treatment, outpatient therapy, and crisis care.  My master’s degree is in education and counseling.  I started working as a summer camp employee in 2008 in order to send my two children, Emma and Luke, to camp on a single mom’s salary.  That work introduced me to a love of camping that continues to this day, even though my daughter is now 20 and my son 17.

I am excited to be part of this well respected community, and look forward to joining the staff and campers as we all strive to follow Camp Shane’s motto:  Learn, Laugh, Lose!  What a great place to nurture ourselves as we gain knowledge to live a healthy life.  I look forward to getting to know everyone in a kind, welcoming, safe environment.  See you soon!

NY Staff Bios
Guidance Counselor
I have lived in Vermont my whole life, have my Bachelors of Science in Psychology and Human Services from Lyndon State College and received my Masters of Science in School Counseling from Johnson State College. I have worked as a Special Education Para-educator for 7 years with Autism students. As a Guidance Counselor at Camp Shane, I will bring empathy, friendship, and support to all of our campers. I enjoy being able to help children when they need someone to listen to.
NY Staff Bios
Girls Group Leader
I am coming to Camp Shane all the way from New Zealand! I am so excited to be a part of a traditional summer camp that combines a healthy way of life with a spectacular way to assist with weight loss. I had my own struggle with weight most of my life and after I worked hard to lose it, it drew me to want to help others in their own weight loss journey. I can understand the difficulty, but I can also encourage campers to embrace themselves while being a positive reinforcement in their lives. I can’t wait for so many parts of camp, but most of all, the success and happiness of our campers long after the summer is over.
During the year I live in Arizona, but have spent my recent summers at Shane. I currently am a student at Arizona State and will be teaching middle school social studies in the fall. For many years I have coached tennis and soccer. I even played DII tennis at Millersville University before deciding to transfer to ASU. Outside of school, when I’m not playing sports, I often go hiking or cook healthy meals! I love to be active so you’ll probably see me running around camp all summer long.

This will be my fourth summer at Camp Shane. Over my previous summers at Shane I worked as the tennis and soccer specialist and last year as a boys Group Leader. I’m super excited to meet everyone this summer!

Aquatics Director
I will be the Camp Shane Aquatics Director and I am so excited to start a new adventure. I am 23 years old and I currently reside in Utica New York. Growing up in the Upstate NY region I was lucky to start and play various sports, eventually choosing to focus more on the aspect of competitive swimming. After graduating in 2011 I left to serve in the United States Coast Guard and I served for three years. I was stationed in California and all over the country. The experience was one that I was able to experience different aspects of the military. I have always been a water lover, growing up I was a lifeguard and a swim lesson instructor. I am currently striving to become a paramedic and then becoming an ocean lifeguard down in Florida or in California.
NY Staff Bios
Theater Director
Human Biology-Nutrition/Dietetics student, Resident Assistant, and Chicago native who loves dogs, musicals, and coffee. When not studying/working, you can find me weightlifting, running, reading, or theater-ing. I’ve been involved in theater since 8th grade: acting, stage management, directing, tech, you name it. I was actually a theater major before I became a nutrition major! I’m excited to work at Camp Shane this summer because I believe theater teaches confidence, social skills, and teamwork; there’s nothing quite like the feeling of accomplishment after putting on a show! It also creates friendships and memories that last a lifetime. I’m passionate about working with adolescents to help them learn how to build confidence, trust themselves, and take creative risks!
NY Staff Bios
Arts & Crafts, Tennis, Volleyball
 I am from Euless, Texas. I currently live in Boston studying to become an Occupational Therapy Assistant. Growing up I struggled with being overweight until I became a camper at Camp Shane. While at camp I learned to control my weight and to portion what I eat. I lost over 50 lbs. at camp and am now 85 lbs. lighter than my first day at camp. During camp I made many new friends who I still stay in contact with today. Losing weight is still a daily battle but one that I am winning every day. In my free time I enjoy swimming, running, and weight lifting. I am excited to help campers achieve their own weight lose goals.
NY Staff Bios
Basketball, Kickboxing
I am from southeast Missouri and a graduate of Bethel University with a degree in Interdisciplinary Studies. I was previously chosen to participate in the Disney College Program, have lived in nine states due to my dad’s 40 years of collegiate basketball coaching and I absolutely love dogs (I have six!). I’m excited to be a part of Camp Shane. I’ve had struggles within life, like most people, and I look forward to guiding our campers to be accepting of each other throughout this journey.