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DIANE HENDERIKS aka Dietitian in the Kitchen

Diane creates, evaluates, updates, and adds her creative twist to the food here at Camp Shane. Healthy foods never tasted so good and believe us, nobody goes hungry! (In fact our food is so good, campers give Diane five stars).

Diane Knows What You Need to Know to Keep the Weight off at Home

She knows what you like to eat. Her specialty is creative, healthy cooking. Diane is a leading US nutritionist, personal chef and also:

  • Creator, Chef and Host of live cooking shows, and adult and children’s workshops
  • Contributing Chef/RD for Prevention Magazine
  • Regular on-air contributor for Good Morning America, Fox & Friends, ABC News, CBS News, and The Chew
  • Author of two cookbooks focusing on innovative, healthy cuisine
  • Founder of Diane Hendricks Catering
  • Co-founder of ‘Dig in with Diane Hendricks’
  • Advisory Board Member of the American Vegetarian Association
  • Expert on nutrition education for kids
Click here to view a video of Diane cooking on TV

Diane has raised the culinary bar for healthy cooking and is renowned for her expertise in creating wholesome cuisine that is both delicious and nutritious. She understands nutrition for kids, is committed to helping them learn all they can about maintaining a healthy diet. Visit her website here:

“I love it here because not only is the staff hilarious but the food is great.”
Claudia M, New Jersey

First off I love camp Shane, this is my first year and I can’t be happier. This is the best camp I have ever been to! I love it here because not only is the staff hilarious but the food is great. I recommend camp Shane because I love it; here the work outs are fun and the activities are great.


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