Nutrition Resources

The complete nutrition resources list. Camp Shane’s place for the tools you need to reach your goals and maintain them.

As soon as your child departs camp, we email you the Camp Shane At Home Booklet.  This booklet was created by numerous nutrition and fitness experts working at camp and will provide incredibly helpful information on:

  • Nutrition – the basics of nutrition and eating smarter, reading food labels, learning the myplate system & much more.
  • Cooking – cooking healthy meals and snacks is the number one secret to losing weight! We offer tons of recipes and cooking ideas to get you started.
  • Fitness – diet alone won’t do it. You get details on the benefits of exercise to lose weight, keeping it off and staying healthy, plus we provide ideas on how to keep the exercise going after camp.
  • Weight Loss Tips – your child learns so much at camp and our Booklet puts it all together in one place.
  • Tools – interactive programs to help you track weight, heart rates, calories; all designed to help you reach your goals.

Nutrition Websites

There is a seemingly endless number of websites offering “facts” on nutrition.  Here are the top and most informative websites that are based on science and designed to help you learn more about nutrition and food. Find all the most current nutrition information and links to other interesting nutrition websites. The American Diabetes Association website is a great place to find information on diabetes including risks, prevention and management. It also has excellent recipes and menu planners. The official website for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. It provides a variety of nutrition news and information. A practical and useful food and exercise resource website. Offers nutrition facts for over 2 million foods. This site and app offers a simple and easy to use tracker for your caloric intake and exercise output. An easy tool to help track your foods and exercise. This is the updated website from the United States Department of Agriculture; it includes basic information about portion sizes and foods groups as well as information for specific populations.  Learn all about food safety at home and while dining out. Another great calorie tracker to assist in managing your nutritional and caloric intake. Easy to use nutrient and recipe analysis program.