Meet the Owners

Meet David Ettenberg and Ziporah Janowski and their kids Sam and Hannah.

Please allow us to introduce ourselves.
fitness camp for teens: Ettenbergs
Since 1968, thousands of parents have entrusted us with their children. You love and want the best for your child, just as we do for our own children. That’s why we run extraordinary weight loss Camps that everyone is proud to be a part of – kids, parents and staff. We maintain high ethics and an overriding commitment to care. Our impressive facilities, our superb staff, marvelous planning, and professionals such as our Physician, Registered Dietitian and licensed PhD Therapist combine to provide the best Camp experience you can find. Anywhere.

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We make every camper part of the Camp Shane family. We get to know every camper. We visit the cabins, participate in the summer Camp activities and talk with the campers. We create an environment where everyone feels comfortable and at home. Yes, we’re a weight loss Camp, but we’re not obsessed with dieting like most fat camps.We also spend time with the parents, providing education and guidance on what to do when your camper comes home. After all, weight loss and fitness is a lifetime commitment and we want your whole family to be healthy!

Hope we get to meet!
David and Ziporah