Planning Every Detail

45 Years Of Great Ideas Shape Our Program

  • All programs are meticulously planned, organized, equipped and executed.
  • Meticulously detailed written procedures
  • Adult supervision for everything we do.
  • Nobody stands around waiting for something to get organized.
  • One activity begins as soon as the last ends.
  • Evening activities weekly special events, rainy days, off-site trips

The Benefits

  • Valuable instruction leads to improved skills, enjoyment and self-confidence.
  • Campers feel a sense of comfort and belonging.
  • Non-stop fun, great new friendships – and, oh yes,   impressive weight losses.

Unique Programs, Created and Found Only Here Makes us Special

The Results

  • A full staff of counselors and activity specialists who know exactly what they’re doing, no matter what they’re doing.
  • A camp full of children who are having a great summer. No standing around. No hit or miss. No wondering who is supposed to be where, when and doing what.
  • A staff that is totally prepared is ready to provide the non-stop physical and emotional safety that makes Camp Shane so much fun. And that makes Camp Shane work.

Kids receive valuable instruction and increase their self-confidence: It is always done in a fun environment. This enjoyable instruction leads to new skills, being able to do more and to do it better.

It Doesn’t Just Happen By Accident

Every summer we watch our campers blossom in the professionally run program that we call Camp Shane. They lose weight, they gain self-esteem, and they have the time of their life. It just happens – but, if you know what we mean, it doesn’t just happen by accident.