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Weight Loss Results At Camp – The best you can get anywhere!

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Average weight loss results are 10-15 lbs, in three weeks, 20-25 lbs, in six weeks and 30-35 lbs  in nine weeks. 
Many campers return to Shane thinner than the previous year. Since they are included in this computation, a first time camper may have even better weight loss results than this chart shows.

For more overweight campers, it is not unusual to lose more than 50 lbs over the summer.

And more losses after returning home

Everyone has significant weight loss at camp. Thousands of our campers continue losing weight after camp and are successful at keeping the weight off. We are happy to provide references from all over the world.

Why do many kids return to Camp Shane
after losing weight…

fun fat loss boot camps

To find out, we asked them… It’s because they love Shane!

They can’t wait to get back. Many of our campers tell us they count the days until camp starts again.

Data was compiled from a survey completed by campers on the last day of camp

Our impressive weight losses and the joy of our campers and their parents has led to MORE results


Verified data from this Obesity Assessment can help you present a claim to your insurance company for reimbursement of camp tuition.