Written by Camp Shane Staff

The slang term “Fat Camp” has spread across U.S. Culture due in part to the comedy movie “Heavy Weights” and other comedic moments across teen movies that use the term to speak of a time in a character’s life. The term is rarely used in a positive light but it does make for great comedic fodder. The truth about “fat camps’ may come as a surprise to those who have never heard about a weight loss camp outside of the movies.

The Term “fat camp” refers to a weight loss camp. Weight loss camps are typically summer programs for overweight children and teens to join together in a supportive environment under the supervision and guidance of knowledgeable staff (often medical professionals) with the goal to improve their health and lifestyle, and, of course, to lose weight. Not all camps are created equal, but the good ones can change the lives of the campers through a ton of fun, support, education, and activity.

What To Look For in a Quality Weight Loss Camp for Your Teen

  • Diversity. A quality camp will not just tout a certain amount of pounds lost. Diversity when it comes to a health camp means a diverse set of goals and activities. Anyone can lose some weight through rigorous miserable activity and starvation diets. A good camp will make weight loss fun and healthy through a wide array of activities, group experiences, and a healthy diet plan that is more likely to actually improve the camper’s health in the long term.
  • Education. If a person is “forced” to lose weight in a boot camp type environment they will likely just gain it back as soon as they return home. A great weight loss camp will include an education program so the participants can return home with a toolkit of information to continue on their healthy weight loss journey. Many people are overweight because they need more education about how to make the right choices for themselves.
  • Long Term Goals. A good camp will help its campers by finding out their long term goals and helping them accomplish them. This is done ideally, by hiring quality staff who are knowledgeable in their field, and fostering strong relationships between the peers that camp at the same time, so they have support when they return home.
  • Structure. A quality weight loss camp will know how to balance time. This means campers will have their share of free time, but they will also have plenty of structured individual and group activities to make sure that each member can fully participate in all of the amenities. When there is the correct balance of time campers will get the most out of their camping experience.
  • Security. If you are going to send your kids away to overnight camp security is an important element to address. A great camp will hire vetted staff who are at the top of their fields and have background checks. An overnight camp will address any of your safety concerns with easy answers. It will also offer safe up-to-date facilities for their campers as well as an appropriate adult to child ratio, and a bully-free environment.

Camp Shane Offers an Immersive Summer Experience for Teens Who Are Ready to Improve Their Health

At Camp Shane, you will discover that “fat camp” or a “weight loss camp” is so much more than the label implies. We are proud to offer all of the above key points and so much more to your child when they come to our camp. Our staff is dedicated and enthusiastic about improving your child’s relationship with food and their body image. We offer a welcoming judgment-free environment where our campers can feel comfortable trying new foods and activities while surrounded by knowledgeable staff and supportive peers who are going down the same path themselves. Friendship fostered here at Camp Shane can last a lifetime. We are proud of the weight loss success of our campers, and we are even more proud of how much fun they have during their stay. After all, being overweight is not fun but losing weight can be.

Camp Shane – Since 1968

Thousands of parents have entrusted Camp Shane with their children. We run extraordinary weight loss camps that everyone is proud to be a part of – kids, parents, and staff. We maintain high ethics and an overriding commitment to care. Our impressive facilities, our superb staff, marvelous planning, and professionals such as our Physician, Registered Dietitian and licensed Ph.D. Therapist combine to provide the best Camp experience you can find. Additionally, Shane Diet & Fitness Resorts is a weight loss and fitness resort program for adults, focused on helping guests achieve a long term healthy lifestyle. We approach weight loss holistically, encompassing the top ideas today in the diet and fitness industries.

If you are interested in finding out what it means to “learn, laugh, lose” at our medically supervised weight loss camp, contact us today. We have camp locations across the nation – Arizona, California, Connecticut, Florida, and Wisconsin.

Request a brochure today or enroll now and start planning for your child’s best summer yet.