Staff Training


Shane takes training seriously and we take training way beyond “routine.” On Day 1, our staff is ready to truly make a difference for your camper:

We hire great people

Years of experience have shown us how to hire great role models.

We make them even greater

Our time-tested training program prepares everyone for your camper by teaching specific, effective tools to positively direct children.

We lead most of the training sessions ourselves

Staffers feel our “top-down kid commitment” and are impressed with Head Staff skills.

We add professional trainers

Some issues that kids face are complicated, so we bring in the experts – and the process continues all summer long.


Using Positive Reinforcement

We reinforce positive behavior. We do it with loads of smiles, hugs, and pats on the back – whenever desired behavior happens. We replace comments like “Your problem is…” with “Way to go!” and “That’s great!” As a result, our campers respond positively and grow in favorable, appropriate and productive ways.

Listening Effectively

A child feels loved when he or she knows that someone is listening. We establish tight rapport with our campers by letting them know what they have to say matters. We teach our staff to listen with acceptance and without judgment, so the kids feel understood and accepted. It opens doors to meaningful communication and positive change.

Building Children’s Sense of Self-Worth

What others think is so important to the building of self-image. We remove the fears of rejection and humiliation by creating a “safe” environment. We encourage kids to see just how much they really can accomplish, with all the instruction and support it takes to succeed. We show our staff how to prove to campers what is really inside of them.

Reacting Positively to Negative Camper Behavior

Understanding why campers act out helps staff to respond appropriately. Our training focuses on getting beyond that behavior. We teach our counselors to understand the motivation for such negative behavior and to quickly and effectively present alternatives.