Camp-Shane_070514_029It’s cold and snow may be on the way in some areas, but it’s not too soon to start thinking about summer activities for your children. Kids want to have to have fun during their summer and a weight loss camp like Camp Shane, is an excellent choice. If you’re a parent, you want to send your child to the most reputable summer camp possible. With 48 years of experience and over 20,000 campers throughout that time, we know the most successful and fun ways to inspire and encourage health and fitness in kids, teens and young adults.

When you hear the word fat camp, what do you think of? You may imagine something extreme, like boot camp. Camp Shane is not a fat camp, nor are we a boot camp. We offer all the amenities of a traditional sleep-away summer camp, while emphasizing healthy lifestyles, nutritional knowledge and increased fitness. This ultimately leads to effective weight loss, which can continue even after camp ends.

Your child, or anyone, does not need to go on a strict, confining diet to lose weight. Any ‘fad diet’ or overly aggressive weight loss plan will fizzle over time. Camp Shane knows that kids want to eat delicious food and our key to success is portion control, low fat, and low sugar. Your kids will love the food at camp and they will learn about proper nutrition at the same time.IMG_1366

Camp Shane also offers exciting and unique activities for our campers. We don’t subject our campers to endless boring hours on a treadmill. We make it fun. Campers get to participate in a variety of sports, such as tennis, soccer, softball and more! This is their chance to try something new and maybe even find something they love. Campers also get to partake in swimming, aerobics and awesome lake front activities.

So if you’re looking ahead on your calendar, get ready to mark Camp Shane into your schedule! Your children will not only have a blast, they will experience a lifestyle transformation and reap the benefits of healthy weight loss. In fact, they probably won’t even want to leave camp when it ends!

Camp Shane is the original, longest running weight loss camp in the world for kids, teens and young adults – ages 7-25. We have been featured on MTV, Tyra, Dr. Oz and more. To find out even more about Camp Shane, visit

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