Texas Positions Available

Cabin Counselor/Activity Specialist – You will live in the dorms with the campers. You will work out with the campers and participate in all activities with them in addition to running your area when needed. When the activities begin you will report to your area for the day. You will instruct campers of all ages at various levels. During some activity periods you may be traveling with your cabin instead of instructing.

We prefer applicants who have experience working with kids. To qualify as a counselor you should have great listening and communication skills, dedication, patience, impartiality, and be able to relate to the campers and be a role model. As a specialist you should have experience coaching or teaching in your specialty area and be able to provide guidance and enthusiasm.

Athletic Specialists:

Basketball, Tennis, Softball, Soccer & Volleyball


Aerobics, Circuit, Group Exercise, Gym, Kick Boxing, Personal Training, Spin & Zumba.


Cooking Classes & Nutrition Classes

Film Making:

Editor & Camera Operator

Creative Arts:

Arts & Crafts, Jewelry, Ceramics, Needle Craft and Tie Dye


Paintball and Office

Performing Arts:

Theatre, Dance and Music,


Swimming – WSI’s & Lifeguards

Head Staff – Call for details:

Camp Director
Head Counselors

Salaries: $

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