Texas Time Off

Every staff member has one day off per week, beginning after the first week of Camp. You are allowed to leave at sign out the night before and will have to sign in by midnight on the day of your day off. There are no days off on visiting day or change over days when new sessions begin. If you choose to remain on Camp the night before your day off, you are considered off when breakfast begins and may choose to sleep late.

What to do on your day off – Texas has lots to offer:

Hiking Camping Mountain Biking
Nature Bowling Horseback Riding
Shopping Movies River Tubing

Nights Off/Periods Off:

One activity period a day you will be off and do not have to remain with your group. You may use the Camp facilities, such as the gym, track, or choose to relax in your cabin.Evenings off usually begin after evening activity. You must sign out and sign back in at midnight. All counselors must sit OD (on-duty) three nights per week watching a bunk after evening activity until curfew.

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