Written by Gloria Westlake

It’s 8 p.m., no one has eaten yet, and your fridge bares a gallon of milk and a half eaten block of cheese.

So, now what?

A typical move would be to find the closest drive through and pick up whatever the voices in the backseat are begging for. It’s quick, it’s easy, it’s cheap. But, is it worth it?

Fast food lives up to its high fat, high calorie and high sodium reputation. With many meals containing the amount of calories needed for an entire day, running through the drive-thru on a whim can be more consequential than you’d think. The best way to avoid the fake food and funky fillers that make up fast food is to simply eat at home. Prepare meals in advance or freeze dinners for later use. Unfortunately, life is not always full of kale salads and grilled chicken. So, when you hear the words, “Can I take your order?” Here are some tips to stick with healthy options while dining out keeping kid weight loss in mind.


  • Look up the menu in advance.


You can quickly and easily find nutritional information of fast food restaurants online. Have your passenger scan through the menu before ordering. You’d be surprised with how many calories are in some of those “healthy” options!


  • Order off the kid’s menu.


No matter the age of your child, ordering from the kids menu is a great form of portion control. A small burger and fries is plenty of calories and cheaper, too!


  • Go for grilled.


Scan the menu for grilled options. Steer clear of fried and breaded dishes – those contain the most fat and salt.


  • Swap the fries.


Many fast food places are making steps to become healthier. There are typically fruit or vegetable option that can be substituted for fries.


  • Limit the toppings.


Beware of the high fat condiments. Calories and fat will add up quickly. Ask for dressings and cheeses on the side so you can portion them yourself.


  • Drink water!


Skip the sugary soda. Stick to water (it’s free!). You’ll need the water after that sodium, anyway.

The Fast Food Guide to Kids' Weight Loss

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