Trustworthy People

We’re A “Nice People Place”
Ready To Help Your Child – Not a Fat Camp For Kids or a Weight Loss Boot Camp!

  • We really care about our campers.
  • We hire warm, loving, responsible people who really want to help your child.
  • We have many experienced, impressive, mature adults on staff.
  • We don’t act like drill sergeants and don’t run a weight loss boot camp. We don’t call ourselves a fat camp for kids – we’re a loving, nurturing home.
  • Head staff, counselors and campers all work together to achieve our goal.
  • Our staff training program teaches specific, effective tools to positively direct children.
  • We work with professional trainers and child psychologists to share techniques that really work.
  • We provide training and teach skills to prevent bullying.
  • How our campers feel about themselves is as important as how they look.
  • Feeling great about yourself takes a whole different kind of encouragement – and we provide it!

Here Is What We Do To Prevent That

  • At the end of every day, every counselor in our camps receives a form to submit to the head counselor if any camper has problem.
  • Each week, our mature Group Leaders, are required to complete a computer-generated form that lists every camper. This information is reviewed by the Camp Director and rates each camper for the following:
    • Is this camper happy?
    • Does this camper participate in activities?
    • Does this camper have friends?
    • Is this camper causing any problems?
  • Guidance led “rap” sessions are held without any of the staff present. In this environment, we feel campers are free to speak and let us know if they have any concerns.
  • Campers complete Camp evaluations.
  • Counselors complete evaluations of Camp.
  • After Camp, our parents complete evaluations of Camp.

We constantly and proactively evaluate campers and camp in many ways. This information allows us to identify any camper who is not happy at camp or who is having a problem. If that is the case, then guidance staff or head counselors will immediately focus in on that child and do everything possible-even including parents-to ensure that they successful summer. 


Communication Is Key. While At Camp…

  • Your child will call you every week.
  • You and anyone else you designate can view photos of your kids in action that we post several times a week on the web
  • Send your child emails and we will print them off and distribute them daily.
  • You can call camp any time to find out how your child is doing.