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Have you ever realized that many of your habits and quirks are ones that you developed in your childhood or teenage years? Once we set a habit in motion, it becomes very hard to break, which is why many people who are overweight as teens continue to struggle with weight for the rest of their lives. Understanding why some teens struggle with weight gain is a major step in helping them overcome the struggle and begin to live healthy lives. A weight loss camp for teens can play a huge role in setting up a solid foundation for a healthy lifestyle.

Causes of Teen Weight Gain

It seems to be a fact of life: the older we get, the less we tend to move our bodies. This trend happens even to teenagers, as many teenagers are less active than they were as children, especially if they don’t take part in a sport or other activity. As many teens begin to become less active, they simultaneously continue the eating habits they developed as children, when their bodies were growing and changing much more rapidly. Teenage weight gain is a problem that has only gotten worse over the years, with the advent of processed foods and technology that encourages teens to be more sedentary.

Although there are many factors that contribute to weight gain, when explained simply, weight gain happens when people consume more calories than they expend. Many teens also have poor sleep habits, which can contribute to weight gain as well. After attending a weight loss camp for teens, many teens come home with improved knowledge and skills in nutrition, sleep, and exercise that help them with their weight gain.

Effects Gaining Weight Has on Teens

Weight gain can be very frustrating for many teens, as it greatly impacts their social life and self-esteem. The teenage years are awkward and difficult as it is: first dates, peer pressure, changing bodies, etc. When teens find themselves gaining more weight than their peers, it can make them extremely self-conscious. They begin to compare their bodies to others, and even if they are never bullied for their appearance, they notice that they don’t look the same, and their own self-talk can wear them down very quickly.

According to the CDC, teenage weight gain is associated with anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, low self-reported quality of life, and bullying and other social problems. The problems with many of these associations with weight gain are that they can also be the cause for weight gain, creating a cycle that is very hard for teens to break out of. Take depression, for example; two of the most common symptoms of depression are overeating and decreased activity. Some medications for depression can also increase appetite. It becomes almost impossible to break out of this cycle without a major lifestyle change. A weight loss camp for teens can help them come out of this cycle.

Long Term Medical Consquences

Weight gain also has medical consequences, some of which may not appear until much later in life, but some of which can begin to affect teens immediately. Breathing problems and joint pain, for example, can make it harder for teens to keep up with their peers when playing a casual game of basketball or participating in gym class.

When you look at all of these effects of gaining weight, it’s easy to see why teens want to lose weight. For many teens, they just want to feel normal and fit in, and this is hard for them to do as long as they are overweight. Nobody wants to tell their friends they can’t go swimming at the lake, or they can’t go on a hike with them because they’re not physically able. For teens seeking help with their weight, this is where attending a weight loss camp for teens come in.

How a Weight Loss Camp for Teens Can Help

Camp Shane was created with the mission of helping kids and teens lose weight and live their healthiest, happiest lives. The best thing about attending a weight loss camp for teens is that they not only help teens lose weight, but they also help them with the social and mental struggles many overweight teens face. When teens are surrounded by others who are going through the same problems, they realize that they’re not alone and that they have a great support system to help them through the challenge of losing weight and becoming healthy.

Whether a teen has a very large amount of weight to lose or just wants to start living healthier so they can be at their best and develop a lifetime of healthy habits, a weight loss camp for teens, such as Camp Shane, is the perfect answer.

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