Weight Loss Camp

We’re a Weight Loss Camp Loved by Kids and Parents

If your child is overweight he or she may be facing emotional as well as physical struggles. Weight gain is influenced by several components including genetics, environmental issues, and behavioral factors. Since the causes of weight gain are multi-layered, losing weight and then maintaining a long-term weight loss can be extremely difficult without professional help. If your child has been unable to lose weight the following are 5 reasons why weight loss camp is a good option.

1. Weight Loss Camp Will Provide Fun Activities For Your Child

Finding an activity and learning to incorporate it into a regular routine is a great reason to attend a weight loss camp. Maintaining physical activity is an essential part of achieving weight loss and maintaining overall good health for your child. The old fat camps of the past often meant a boot camp style of weight loss. Weight loss camp should not be a negative experience for your child. There are great programs available today that will offer a variety of fun activities that your youngster will actually have fun participating in. Whether it’s swimming and hiking or dancing and aerobic training, finding an activity that’s fun will increase the likelihood that your child will maintain a healthy exercise routine for life.

2. Weight Loss Camp Will Offer Nutritional Education for Your Child

A good weight loss camp will help your youngster lose weight. An excellent facility will teach your child how to maintain that weight loss through nutritional education and even cooking classes. Understanding how to make good food choices is critical to maintaining a healthy weight. This is an important reason to send your child to fat camp. Learning at a young age how to select, prepare, and enjoy a variety of healthy foods is critical for long-term success. Your child will ultimately learn not how to diet, but how to incorporate nutritionally sound meals and great-tasting foods into everyday life.

3. Weight Loss Camp Can Address Behavioral Issues

Losing weight is not just a matter of will power or even hunger. Getting to the root causes of why your child eats too much or craves the wrong types of foods is an excellent reason to attend fat camp. An excellent weight loss camp will provide personalized behavioral therapy to treat the underlying issues of weight gain and over-eating your child may be struggling with. Choosing a camp that provides cognitive behavioral therapy will enable your youngster to monitor what he or she eats, manage stress more effectively, and identify strategies that will help prevent over-eating in the future. Learning to recognize and alter the behaviors and attitudes that lead to poor eating choices will help your child maintain a healthy weight into adulthood.

4. Your Child Will Form Friendships That Will Last a Lifetime

Connecting with peers is an important factor for children whether they are losing weight or attempting to achieve any number of goals. When your child experiences camaraderie with other young people struggling with the same issues, this creates a strong support system that will ultimately provide a foundation for success. This is an important reason to send your youngster to weight loss camp. The bonds that are formed may also last far beyond the time spent at camp. It’s important to find a fat camp that provides ongoing connections and support long after the camp has ended. This might include ongoing contact from camp instructors and coaches as well as social sites for continued interaction with fellow campers.

5. Weight Loss Camp Gets Real Results

It is truly an exciting moment when you and your child finally make the decision to take that first step. Finding a camp with an exceptional program that has a record of proven results is an excellent reason to send your child to weight loss camp. Everyone is an individual and results will vary, but there should be obvious differences from the beginning of a program to the end. Changes that your youngster will experience will not only be measured in actual weight loss but by a change in eating habits, exercise routines, and an overall difference in attitude and outlook. It’s important to find a weight loss camp that treats each person as an individual. Creating an eating and exercise program that specifically addresses your child’s individual needs is the key to long-lasting success.

6. No One Should Have to Lose Weight Alone

Making a change, even a small one, can be scary for any of us. At Camp Shane, we understand this, and we never want a child to feel like they are going through it alone. Camp is the ideal place to lose weight, because campers are surrounded by staff and other campers who support and encourage them. When you lose weight alone at home, it is easy to slip and fall off-course. Sometimes when we lack the external support, we have a hard time to get up and try again. At camp you’ll always have that support. Slipping and falling is natural on a weight loss journey, but we’re always here to pick you back up.

7. Immersion-Style Settings See Fastest Results

We all know that when we are motivated to do something, we put our whole heart in it, and above all, we dedicate the necessary time needed to achieve the desired results. By dedicating a month, or even a full summer to weight loss and healthy living, you’ll achieve much better results than by just dedicating an hour a day. By truly living these principles all day every day and being around like-minded people with the same goals, you’ll find greater success. The results will be faster, and the transformation will be greater.

8. Weight Loss Camp Is More Fun Than Gyms, Diets, and Rigid Routines

Kids need to be kids, and at Camp Shane, we know this. All of our activities are packed full of fun, excitement, and creativity. Even as adults we have a hard time sticking to a gym schedule and rigid diet plan, so it’s unfair to expect our fun-loving kids to do the same. At camp, we create healthy versions of all their favorite foods, we vary the schedule every day, we expose campers to all sorts of new activities, and–no matter what–we always keep the camp spirit.

9. A Supportive Weight Loss Camp Staff Makes for Positive, Healthy Role-Models

At Camp Shane we believe in leading by example. That’s why we spend time and effort in hand-selecting our talented, qualified, and supportive staff. We hire staff who are healthy role-models and live healthy lives, and we love to welcome those staff who have even gone through the weight-loss journey themselves. We choose staff who are fun-loving, encouraging, and inspiring for our campers. We see that when our campers have healthy and positive role-models, it doubles their effort to live healthy and positive lives themselves.

10. Campers Build Confidence and Self-Esteem.

There is nothing quite like a summer camp experience to instill confidence and a sense of independence in a child. They try new activities, make new friends, and develop their own personalities and values. We allow campers to explore this feeling of freedom and self-responsibility in a safe and supportive environment. Our highly trained staff know the balance in both taking care of the campers and also letting them explore who they are. Campers try things they may not be brave enough to try in school, and they learn about themselves in the process. Weight loss is the goal, but the benefits go far beyond weight loss. The campers leave lighter, happier, and with a new way of life.