imagesSometimes when you’re feelings frustrated, bored, upset, and sad, we  tend to go to food for comfort, this is known as emotional eating.  Biologically food can actually be used as a comfort mechanism as the study appears in the Journal of Clinical Investigation, we can eat certain foods and our bodies release hormones that make us feel good.  Weight loss camps suggest you can get that “feel good” hormone from exercising as well.

We have to become aware of our actions.  Sometimes our habits and actions become second nature to where we do not have awareness of what we are doing or even how it affects us.  We have to change our go to foods, because they could be stretching out our waistlines.

Replace the undesired behavior with a desired one.  For example, when you get mad, don’t pig out as we would call “emotional eating”  in front of the TV, go practice on a punching bag to relieve that stress.  High intense workouts are great for getting some anger out and avoiding that desire to turn to emotional eating.  If you have a lot on your mind try going for a jog.  Many people find running helps clear your head and get things into perspective.  Look for friends to talk to, sometimes venting can make you feel a hundred times lighter.

Keep these tips in mind, because sometimes if you are stressing out too much, you might be busting out too much as well.

Weight loss camp, Camp Shane, offers cognitive behavioral therapy to discuss how relieve stress and keep off weight after camp is over.  Nutrition and cooking classes are offered to teach campers how to make healthy decisions and how to prepare them as well.  Campers  exercise throughout the day to keep themselves moving and to keep their minds off of food.  Exercise and healthy eating is key to successful weight loss!