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“My home away from home!”.

by lilkirky16

This coming summer will be my fifth year attending Camp Shane. Although I am not quite at the weight I’d like to be at, I’ve managed to lose and keep off 50 pounds over the years.

From the moment I first stepped foot on Camp Shane grounds, I knew it was the place for me. I feel that my closest friends are made at Camp and keeping in touch with them is no problem.
By next year I will hopefully be working at Camp Shane!

“I made lasting relationships with people that I am still friendly with today”

by Jennifer


I was a camper at Shane many, many years ago. I just saw a special on MTV and it reminded me of the many good times I had at Camp Shane growing up.

II made lasting relationships with people that I am still friendly with today. I had the most exciting time of my life at Camp. I just wanted to share that with you and to let you know that I often think about the fun that I had at Camp. The special I saw on MTV was a reminder of how much Camp Shane changed my life and how much fun I had there so many summers ago.

“I had the best summer ever here at Camp Shane”

by Cynthia

Dear David,

I wanted to write you a thank you letter. I enjoyed being at Camp Shane. I had met wonderful counselors who made me feel good about myself.

What I enjoyed the most was making new friends and learning better eating habits. I lost 27 pounds. My parents are so very proud of me. Being here at camp and losing the weight makes me feel great and loved by everyone. I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I had the best summer ever here at Camp Shane and I will never forget the laughter and fun I experienced here at Camp.

What Campers Say About ShaneWhat Campers Say About Shane

“What an amazing experience!”

by jlw385

Six years ago, as an overweight child, I was forced by my parents to go to a weight loss camp. After reviewing all of my options the final choice had been Camp Shane.

We went to an Open House session where we would be able to view the camp grounds and meet Head Staff members. It was a good opportunity to discuss my concerns and to ask any questions we had before I attended a month later for what I now call the best summer of my life. At Camp Shane, I never had to worry about being made fun of, never had to worry about how fast I had to run, and most importantly I never had to worry about how I would fit in to the Camp Shane community. You never really hear about a place where everyone is friends, and where everyone is always available to listen to you if you have a problem . At camp Shane however, everyone is always there with open arms and ready to help you in any way they can. Returning summer after summer for my friends and to create more memories than the summer before has made me realize what an amazing experience Camp Shane has given to me. As I return for my sixth consecutive summer at Camp Shane I am now a counselor. So many people at Camp Shane have touched my heart and changed my life forever so now it is my turn to give back. I want to do the same for other campers. I want to be able to touch their heart and change their lives and make a difference in others the way it made a difference and change in me!

“My mom knows how much camp meant to me and how much I loved it”

by Meredith

Dear Camp Shane,

My name is Meredith and I was a camper at your beautiful camp last summer. Camp Shane was like a home away from home to me. I made great friends that I get to visit and still keep in touch with.

My mom knows how much Camp meant to me and how much I loved it. That was the best summer of my entire life as it changed my whole life socially and mentally and I made the best friends ever! Camp Shane was the one place I really loved to go to every summer. I loved to walk around and to see your family at Camp with the campers. It felt like we were living another life with different people. I love your Camp very much; you did a great job! Your Camp is a very good chance for people to do something very good for themselves. I told lots of my friends about your Camp and how much fun I had and some of them are actually asking their parents about it. I would love to help you tell people who are overweight or want to lose weight about Camp Shane and how much fun it was. Thank you so much!

“It is a wonderful surrounding with the greatest people”

by Allyson

Dear Camp Shane,

I just wanted to send a letter to let you know that I was a camper at Shane and then a staff member for a year. I loved it!!! Camp Shane was and still is, as far as I’m concerned, the greatest Camp ever. I have wonderful memories and even a few photos from 18 years ago.

I am pleased to know that Camp Shane is still thriving and doing the wonderful things that I remember doing myself. I have recently seen a talk show in which David was on and gave free sessions to overweight kids who really need the help. I returned to Camp Shane for 5 years in a row from Canada. It is more than a Camp and more than a weight loss place. It is a wonderful surrounding with the greatest people I have ever met.

‘I have to say that it was the best summer of my life so far’

by Ashley

Dear Staff and Campers,

My name is Ashley Sander and I was a camper last year. I have to say that it was the best summer of my life so far.

With the friendships I formed, I never wanted to leave! I missed going to Camp so much this year. It made me cry on several occasions just thinking about how much I missed the friends that I had made. My summer at Shane taught me more about myself then I’d ever known before. I had a chance to be myself without trying to live up to society’s standards. It was great. I miss it so much and I am practically begging my parents to send me back. The main reason I want to go back is to see my friends. It would be incredible if you could share this letter with other campers. When I am not there, I feel like something is missing. It’d also be great if people could reach me online so they can write to me and I can share my experiences. It does not matter if I know them or not, because I would absolutely love to talk to any past, present or future campers.

“We cannot express enough the amazing magic you have provided us”

by 28 of our campers

Dear Camp Shane,

As we watched the leaves fall from the trees and the grass turn white, we each had a feeling of remorse knowing that just six months prior, we were strolling the hills of our second home, Camp Shane.

Sharing feelings of joy, laughter, disappointment, achievement, hunger and tears, we created memories that we will always cherish and never forget. The bonds we have made over the summers we have spent together are ones that will last a lifetime. Your Camp has not only been our summer home, but has given us the confidence and self-assurance we need to be happy. Although Shane is a specialty Camp, we are all there for the same reason which gives us confidence in ourselves. Knowing you are not the only one with a problem gives you reassurance and comfort. We are all treated as normal campers at a regular Camp which makes the situation more comfortable for us.

Memories of our unforgettable summer’s at Camp constantly dance through our heads. Relationships and friends we discovered will last forever! From our counselors to each other, we made unbreakable bonds and unforgettable memories. We have all wondered at times what magic is and have finally answered the question; CAMP SHANE. We cannot express the amazing magic you have provided us within words.We have all seen each other several times during the year and our phone bills are concrete proof of our endless communication. We thank you for all you have done for us and know we will be seeing you again as campers, and eventually counselors. We wish you a great upcoming summer and thank you for all you have given us.

Love,Lindsay, Lauren, Corey, Jody, Seth, Brad, Traci, Seth, Steve, Sarah, Becky, Melissa, Jenn, R.B., Scott, Melissa, Rainy, Debbie, Michelle, Mariel, Sheetal, Eric, Steve, Bethanie, Jaime, Bari, Eric, and Harron

“I lost 30 pounds throughout my six week stay”

by Alice

Hey there Camp Shane!

I was a camper at Shane the summers of 2001 and 2002. After 19 years of struggling with my weight, hiding underneath baggy clothes and being told that I “had a beautiful face,” I decided to begin my first summer at a fitness camp. I began my summer at Camp weighing 250 pounds. With the help of Camp Shane, I lost 30 pounds throughout my six week stay, and then lost an additional 60 pounds on my own totalling of 90 pounds all together.

Over the past year and a half, I have maintained a weight of 160-170 lbs. I became a camper for two reasons. The first was to lose weight and to become the happier, healthier person I knew I wanted to be. The second reason was that I hoped to someday complete a marathon. The exciting news is that in a few weeks I will be running my first marathon! It all began with my running at Camp Shane in the mornings before breakfast. At first I was only capable of running one lap around the track (which is 1/6 of a mile). By the end of my 6th week at camp, I was comfortably running two miles a day. I can’t believe that I run 5k and 10k races just for fun now! By the end of February, I will have completed my first marathon and will begin training to qualify for the New York Marathon in late fall.

Please tell your campers that all it takes is a little hard work, dedication, and a LOT of support from friends and family. I never thought that I could have made it this far. Please tell them to not doubt their own ability to becoming healthier people. It isn’t about being thin. It isn’t about waist size or weight. It’s about setting and achieving goals and about being happy with themselves and their accomplishments…no matter what size they are. All my thanks and very best wishes for a wonderful upcoming summer.

What Campers Say About Shane

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