Young Adults 17-25

Weight loss camps for adults – we offer two unique weight loss programs designed specifically for you…

young adult fat loss program

A young adult weight loss camp program developed especially for you. Our goal is to help you achieve great weight loss results while having a great time. The adult weight loss camp program is run alongside other campers with a bit more flexibility and freedom. You have a weekly schedule consisting of the most popular activities, however, you have significant input in choosing your daily activities. Remember, this isn’t a so-called “boot camp” or “fat camp” for adults, but a place to get healthy and lose weight on your terms. This program is an affordable alternative to more expensive upscale weight loss programs. If you would enjoy being in a lively “summer camp” setting, this could be a good choice for you.

Weight Loss Camps for Women and Men:

California Men and Women 17 – 25

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Texas Women 17 – 22

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New York Women 18 – 25, Men 18 – 21

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2). SHANE DIET & FITNESS RESORTSNot a Fat camp for adults! 2

FOR MEN & WOMEN 18 – 65+

A weight loss vacation at high end resorts. These weight loss programs for adults are definitely more upscale than our camp locations. Each provides gorgeous location settings, superb meals, waiter and room service and full air conditioning. The staff are high level experts and provide personal attention to our guests. We have personal trainers, registered dietitians, group fitness instructors, behavior coaches and genuine customer service.

With Locations in:

A summer program in New York. Click here for details. Request a brochure.